“Song Yu,Can http://www.xuenlp.cn you really let me catch up with Yue Lingxi??”He will not chase girls,I want to ask Ling Yumachen and Pool Mu.,But these two swings will never have any good words and

good idea。
Song Yu is not bad,I asked Song Yu.。
Song Hao is so curious to die.。
“President,do not worry,Girls like this sweet words in love,But can’t just say,To pay actions。”
Lu Weijun:“I know。 ”A plate answered。
Song Yu can’t help but ask:“President,I just want to not know when you know.?”
He is really curious to die.。
Lu Weijun:“Wrong in the hotel,Don’t say it back later。”
Song Yu:“……”If you are convenient, continue to say,This kind of thing that makes me guess is really worth it.。
“Ha ha……”He smiled,He understands。
“No wonder the president is not the same as Yue Mengmei.,I read a woman countless,Yue Designer is a good http://www.ncjac.cn girl,It’s beautiful and talented。”
Lu Wei is cold and cold.:“go to a meeting。”
Said, get up and get。
Song, back,Some are afraid to touch the nose。
This is jealous,How much like this is。
But a little better,President of love,His days is good.。
President,Straightforward,Have something to say,Have something to say,Do not need to be prepared when you get along,I will not worry when chatting.。
Doing things with such a person is quite relaxed,It is the work of the Lu Group.。
Yue Lingxi took lunch,Still very sleepy,She sleeps in bed.。
This is awake,It is more than six o’clock,This is a lot of spirit.。
Yue Lingxi deeply sucking a breath,I feel occasionally a break is also very good.。
She is not intended tonight.,The hotel room she lived was very small.,This is so luxurious here,She still lives.,Mainly convenient,Tother is too tired tonight,She is not intended
Yue Lingxi quietly squatted in bed。
I remembered some things last night.,Lu Weijun is very overbearing,The voice of the speaking is gentle and http://www.yanyangdabao.cn pity.。
She remembers the last moment,He is full of tenderness.。
“Soon, just fine.,In the future, you belong to me alone.!”
This sentence,Good tying is good.!
“Hey!”Yue Lingxi sighs a breath,Last night relies with her.,How suddenly gone??
Yue Lingxi is slowly climbing up,Brain loop,I remembered a thing.。
She immediately grabbed her mobile phone to call Tang Yiyi.。
NS2366chapter Too poisoned
The phone rang several times,Tang Yiyi。
“Xixi,What’s wrong?Is there a hangover??”Tang Yiyi is very concerned about Yue Lingxi’s body,After all, Yue Lingxi drunk last night.。
Did not send her to the hotel’s room,She has always worried。
Yue Lingxi is just cold and cold,Where is it a haircut?,She will give themselves.。
This thing can’t be quilted,Tang Bobo out,I am also very urgent in my heart.。