Depth:Chen Yang,I ask you a few questions.

Chen Yang:Psychological interview is,bring it on,I have heard of it.,And ready
Depth:Why didn’t you find my girlfriend??
Chen Yang:puff!
Chen Yang:Why is it different from what is the same as a small heart??
Depth:Tailorful,I asked Chang Xiaoxiang and asked Liu Zhengming’s different.。
Chen Yang:Go on
Depth:In fact, your conditions are not bad.,I found that there are girls who have girls who are interested in you.,Are you successfully avoided,Are you psychological obstacles??
Chen Yang:How?
Depth:For example, one weekCP
Chen Yang:That’s not blame me.
Depth:The last month??You said in the group,The girl who is very cute,Also have the same hobby,The result of the first time, I cried people.,StillQQSpace hangs you
Chen Yang:She does pit!
Depth:Last month,The girl is very good.?
Chen Yang:Why do you know??
Depth:You and Chang Xiaoxiang chat in the group very happy
Chen Yang:Office Chief!you!You actually peek!Thanks I always thought that you are not interested in all groups.……
Chen Yang:That’s not blame me.!
Depth:Do you want to find a girlfriend??
Chen Yang:Yes I do!Dream of dreaming!
Depth:This way.
He is a message from Chen Yang with a rigorous attitude.,And thinking,I will write a few words from time to time.。
He thinks this person is not small.。
This makes him more and more——
Everbutive and untrue Liu Zhengming,It is always young but just in love.,There is no correct understanding of men and women relationships and feelings, often in front of Chang Xiaoxiang in front of the love master.,Great one502,There is only one normal person?
Fortunately, he is not ordinary people.。
Like a water dispenser poisoning、Sledgehammer,It should be difficult to pose a threat to him.,So he is still safe。
So I want to come,He is relaxed。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 306 Very commemorative