In order to find a small memory,He has already paid a lot!Be a principle of being a person,Know how to cherish and grateful,Will get more!”

Lin Dami listened,Looking at the son cold smile:“Gu Yi Lin,Are you going to educate your mother now??”
Gu Yi Lin helpless closed eyes closed,The eyebrows have become Sichuan。
Have a good time for a while,He opened his eyes and said:“mother,You used to be good before,Why is it so old now?,I have to be greedy,Selfishness?”
Lin Dami listened,Thorough effort:“Ha ha”She is bitter and helpless:“Gu Yi Lin,You said that I am greedy,You said that I selfish selfishness,Who is this for??It’s all for your brothers and sisters.,Mom wants to make your brothers and sisters, they are better than anyone.”
“mother,We are already very good.,We have grown up,Our road needs us to go,Mother as long as you have a life you want.。”Gu Yi Lin interrupts the mother’s words,Looking at my mother,Suddenly feel very strange。
I used mother to be a reasonable person.,It has become so uncomfortable now!
Even he doesn’t know why?
sometimes,He really wants to be ignored,Go to Jiaqi far away。
He has this idea,Ke Jiaqi may not have this idea。
During this time, he has been indulging in his own world.,Unable to come out from this emotion。
Lin Deman is cold:“Yes,You grow up,Wings hard,If the blue is still,Our family must be very happy,I have my daughter to accompany me to visit the street all day.,Go to the beauty salon,Go to travel,Been to what I want。
But your brothers are two,What did I do for me??You are busy every day.,I am not working at home.,Do business is the only thing I am interested in。”
Gu Yilin suddenly feels weak in the face of such mothers.:“mother,No small memory,An An,You pick up home,Isn’t it just to make up for the shortcomings of you??”
Lin Deman angered:“Her difference!”Anan’s intimate,Falsehood。
“Ha ha”Gu Yi Lin bruises,That bitter smile,Some people can’t bear to see:“mother,I first took her back.,Ganzhi,Now say this now,Don’t you feel ridiculous??Our family is as herself,And she”And she,I also ran to be difficult。
Gu Yi Lin, I think of this matter.,Hurt your heart。
Gu Yulin tightly smashed the lips,Push all the emotions of your heart,Say:“mother,Let’s go see Hao Cheng。”
Say,She will walk forward。
Lin Dami also knows,Now things are important,Mother and child two people go to the company。
And Blue Xin them,Because of the peak of get off work,I have been very blocked on the road.!
Blue Xin thought for a long time,Asked:“Uncle Yang,Why do you want to see Dad??”
Yang Wei looked at her from the rearview of her.,Say:“It is because they have recently bought a place recently.!Mrs. Gu is invested in a real estate.,Make a lot of money,This time you should do it yourself.,I only bought the place in the Jiangpu District.。”
“Jiangpu District?”Blue Xinyi,“Uncle Yang,There is very expensive over there.。”
Yang Hao Road:“Be very expensive!I don’t know how.,The house is bought.,And used all their own assets,It should now be not enough to start funds.,Looking for people around you??
But then you can’t make money.,If you can make money,Your father, I bought it.,after all,Many places in Jiangpu District are your father’s。”
Blue Xin is slightly tight,Ask:“Uncle Yang,Why can’t you earn money??”
NS396chapter:It must be reasonable

NS396chapter:It must be reasonable
In her opinion,Real estate market is very profitable。
“Ha ha”Yang Wei smiled,Only:“Miss,Say you may not believe?”
Blue Xin also laughed:“Uncle Yang,You are called me blue blue.,You call me a lady,Let me feel very uncomfortable。”
Yang Yi listened,Slight,Also pick up:“good,Blue。”
Blue Xindao:“Uncle Yang,What do you think,I believe!”
“good!Blue,Is it because your father?,Is a very fearful person。