Some people look around the world。

more people,Then the face of the face is looking out.。
They can see the monster of endless crazy。
But when these devils rushed into them,All break。
Be right。
Broken into a pure chaotic energy。
in the air,Everywhere is a bloody mist of viscous to the extreme。
These fog seem to have spirituality,With a vicious intention, everyone is shrouded。
And try to penetrate。
“Allper,Never eroded,if not,Even if it is a Ling Taiwan, it will be assimilated into monsters.。”
Taibai Laozu is just drinking。
Everyone does not dare to neglect,Each means。
Some people use the Yuan force body,Some people directly open the mystery secret,Even many people are shrouded by the breath of the fairy。
When the viscous liquid hits,Suddenly,Transpiration。
“Leather……”Faint,It seems to be in this world,A roaring that came from the soul。
“We are divided into three groups,Each group is brought by ten famous Taiwan,Handle。”
NS3336chapter Blend a few
Space node。
Flooding with viscous chaos。
Hundreds of strong people divided into three groups。
Each group is open from ten Ling Taiwan。
But still is very difficult。
Going away,The greater the pressure。
The power of chaos is too strong.。
Everyone has to consume more yuan to make protection。
not only that。
In this space,When the chaos is, it will pass a sharp mourning from time to time.。
It seems that the blame is generally pierced into the ear drum.,A sturdy。
more importantly,Internal and external power,Not a routine form。