He does not dare to see the week,I don’t dare to see Nan Ge,I chose to put my gaze on the.,It is also a floating,Support my opening:“We just have a discussion.,Ask a question,If you can’t do it?,Unnecessary”

槐 interrupted his words
“You http://www.weixin008.cn are 啥?”
President’s brush down to move to other things:“No、No.”
I don’t know what you are talking about.。
There is a voice from him behind him.,Deliberately:“President,More people,Don’t be afraid of them”
President’s left look,turn a deaf ear。
槐:“Who is more?”
Chapter 373 The most exclusive, always is a group
Last night。
Wet on the ground,Blister,Even the wooden table under the tent is also wet by the rain.,It is losing。
Fortunately, the poster is waterproof。
Nan Ge also moved a table。
The one is mainly for the position last night.,To take four or five people,Still at least two。One is not sitting enough,Not spacious enough、Will look at her life is a small gathering of the community.,Especially the latter。
In addition, everyone has mentioned the http://www.yiyuanpiaohao.cn stool in the bedroom.。
Zhou Zhiwei aims to the black bag with Nange,This package she used for many years.:“You should have a toilet paper in this package.?Wiped water。”
Nan Ge took a dry towel from the bag.。
What did you say?,I only taken the water to dry the desktop,It’s still careful to absorb water,Just put a piece of leaves on the poster。
Several people landed。
The group was joined in the drawer of the dry table by Zhou.,Let her continue to sleep。
It’s very early。
Particularly early。
They are all woke up by Nan Ge,Say that you want to grab the first resource,Also say what people who still get up early after military training,It is not a good life habit.,Their society needs such talents.。
Nan Ge said that it is also a set of sets.。
However, the road is clean at this http://www.caipiaoer.cn time.,Early fog is not scattered,Not a few people at all。
Only the sound of the school workers in the air,Broom and rough cement floor friction,Brush,Crisper and people。
“Nanong,The slave is a bit hungry.!”A Hanfu’s raise hand,Arm slender white,Weakness。
“What to eat?Ben Nang people buy it for you.!”
“Mei cookie!”Toned。
“Laosia!”Thousand thousands。
“Ice cream plus books also burn grass。”Baozi also learned his hand。
“How can I eat ice cream in the morning?!”
“Steamed lamb、Steam palm。”
“What is the taste of ice cream??”
“hold head high!”