I didn’t expect such a thing that I didn’t expect to happen.。

However,What happened to her ashamed anger。
“Hahahahaha,Causal loop,Retribution is unhappy.,You really cooperate……Hahaha。”
Summer laughs。
Laughing is very vicious,It seems to see the most joyful scene under the sky.。
At the end,He simply squatted on the ground to cramp,Laughing is not allowed,It seems to be laughing in the next http://www.merryenglish.cn second.。
Qinling is also stayed in this scene.。
But soon reacted,Look at the summer。
Not her suspected,It is the performance of the summer that has just been very strange.。
“Your mouth is very stinky,Smell,More stinking than fart……”
This sentence is still in the ear。
The key is that he actually slammed himself.。
Qinling will not believe this is coincidence。
And I saw a look at the summer.,Qinling is an anger that is almost suffocating,I finally slowed over。
Then I laugh and I can’t take the summer.。
Surrounding atmosphere is strange and embarrassed。
Only summer cramps。
What is more angry is,This guy is white,Cough,It seems really going back to the air.。
Master with a small medicine box,I finally can’t see it.。
After all, he is Tian Yuyu and Chen Dong.。
Now,He is faint with a elder。
“For our doctor,Fit is the gas,Don’t be discrete,young people,I just heard that you are also a doctor.,Don’t even understand this shallow truth??Or you are at all in the abuse。”
Toned,He took the opportunity to transfer the topic,“I advice you a sentence,Creating a disease is not a child,Medical comprehension is not half-fake,Once you are poked,Not a matter of your own,But our entire medical field must be ashamed……”
He fell into the shelf of the same veteran。
Seems to be advised,In fact, reprimand,It is also highlighting your extraordinary,Team with him slowly,Excellent people’s posture。
Unfortunately……He is very fast。
I saw Tian Yuyu, who had just spurted.,The body trembles again,Face sudden change。
She wants to do not http://www.gcl-sapphire.cn want to,Quickly turn around to your own car。
But didn’t take two steps,Stop。
Tian Yuyu seems to feel that something is excreted,Can’t stop,Micro sound。
A burst of cold。
An unpleasant feeling hit,Read down。
That expensive white seven pants,It’s already wet a large piece,And quickly spread down……Flow。
No accident,The ground-on-ground brick appeared in a large water。