Becai Snowy Arrangement This room must spend a lot of mind。

“I don’t know what you like.。”Bechang’s voice sounded,Her figure came in。
“I like,As long as you are arranged, I like it.。”Lin Feng turned his tightly holding the barbarcar of Bai Xueyin.:“fool,Why do you have a big flight today?。”
“I have no idea,Anyway, I am not afraid.。”Becue:“fool,Quickly drive me,Let me pick up all these clothes.。”
“Um!”Lin Feng got on the face of Bei Xueyin.。
Bei Xueyin is red by Lin Fengqi’s face,She is white, Lin Feng, one eye。
Lin Feng smiled,Very leisurely put clothes in bed,Then he sat down on the sofa.,Bei Xueyin took Lin Feng and one piece of clothes hanging on the wardrobe.,This stack is stacked,The whole person looks like a family, beautiful young woman.。
“Home!”Lin Feng felt the warmth of home。
Just when Lin Feng enjoys this moment,The sound of excitement is issued from the mouth of Bei Xue Yin,Bechang suddenly was stiff。
“what happened?Shedy?”Lin Feng hurried to the side of Bei Xueyin asked。 “I……That one is coming.。”Bei Xue Yinhong face。
“Which one??”Lin Feng’s asked。
“fool,Yes,Big aunt。”Becai Xueyin’s white Lin Feng glance。
“so it is。”Lin Feng heard the words:“I will buy you to buy sanitary napkins.。”
“Waiting for you to buy back,I don’t have to have my legs.,Good wet,Be a bit uncomfortable。”Becai Xueyin is not a good way:“Go to the cold there,She is coming。”
“I go?”Lin Feng pointed to his chest。
“Don’t you go?,Can I walk now??Or I call,Cold,I am coming.。”Bei Xue Yin screwed the arm of Lin Feng。
“I go,This will go。”Lin Feng hurriedly went out。
He came to the front of the night cold.。
“Boast!”Lin Feng carefully knocked the door of the night cold。
“whats the matter!”The night cold figure came over and opened the door.,She is wearing a pajamas,Feng Yu Chain is like,Extremely moving。
“Nightclub,Is there a sanitary napkin?”Lin Feng face reveals a charming smile,After all, ask people to borrow things.。
“roll,asshole!”Night clear face revealing a disgusting expression,What is the smile of Lin Feng’s smile?,She hates can’t pick up one.。
“bump!”The night is closed.。
“My grass,What is 拽,I really borrow sanitary napkins.。”Lin Feng is a little annoyed:“Is my wife wants to use。”
Open the door in the house,A touch of wind, hit the hit to Lin Feng’s face。
“I rubbed!”Lin Feng said a sentence,This flying thing seems to be a sanitary napkin。
Lin Feng is not good,In the ground,Isn’t it dirty?,He immediately reached out,Claughter this sanitary napkin in your hand。
But when I just caught in my hand,Lin Feng once again felt a wind attack,He wants to dodge。
Unfortunately, it is too late.。
A sanitary napkin is on his mouth.。
“Flutter!”The night cold laugh is coming.,Night clear smile,Holding a sanitary napkin in his hand。
Finally, I can punish the bastard of Lin Feng.。
At the moment, the villain in the cold in the heart is a bit.。
“Night cold!”Lin Feng took this sanitary napkin,A pair of eyes dead staring at night cold。
“What look!”Night clear cold:“Not going to give Shu Yin。”