“De Lisa!”Action person standing on the side:“grown ups,Now not considering this problem。”

“At present, we can only wait for the headquarters support.,Before an hour,The bishop adults will send Qi Gay.、Sales,There is also Nikolans adults come。”
Qi Yana listened,On the side of your heart。
Have the stinky father,There are also two members of the Snow Wolf http://www.cilve.cn Team,Can’t ask:“mother……Do not,Is Mrilia adults possible??”
Chapter 420 Heaven’s stars
“De Lisa,Oh no!”
That combat staff suddenly shouted:“Nowadays, a large number of collapse beasts appearing outside the Babylon laboratory,Please go to the battleroom command now!”
“Children,The children are safe to leave.?”De Lisa urgently asked。
Helper nod,“Children have been safely evacuated,Please hurry to visit the command room。”
De Lisa suddenly has a combat personnel and Qi Yanna rushed to the combat laboratory.,From the screen of the operation room, you can see a lot of collapse beasts around the Babylon laboratory.。
There are also some collapse beasts that are from snowing.,It seems to be as early as premed.。
De Lisa repeatedly saw each picture outside Babylon laboratory,Hand in the iron chain,“Don’t panic,I http://www.yrxuhn.cn used Judah to pick up these collapse。”
This side of Qi Yan is standing,Talk started,“De Lisa……You are not,Do you have to command??”
This important laboratory peripheral will arrange a large amount of defensive weapons,Outside these collapsed beasts, a large amount of defensive weapons is not going in.,This is going to go out to kill the enemy.?
This is too……Hurry?
Suddenly a request to call on the screen,De Lisa opens the communication,A stable and powerful sound。
“De Lisa,You are a commander,How can you so impulsive?,Cracking us is good。”
Qi Ya’s light appeared in the eyes,Just now this voice……Is the voice of the stinky father!
Babylon laboratory periphery,The hands of the hands holding guns flew with two women wearing a red blue armor.。
Blue armored female Wu Shen hand holding a magic wand http://www.52ipeal.cn weapon,The reddish goddess weapon is a long gun。
“Look,What we are coming is。”Qi Game has opened a few shots in front of the collapse in front of it.,The face is full of confidence and unruly。
Red armored female god,Shabu·Nicholas,Putting up a large gun into the collapsed animal group,A shot of a child。
“Hey,These weak guys,Just get together or so unbearable。”
The other side of the blue armored Sales·Qiaokanan,Behindhe12Blade,Continuously flying out,Cut the body layer of the collapse beast,It seems to be more violent。
“Unable to mind,Can’t let any collapse beasts close to Babylon Laboratory。”
Salesi is quietly manipulating his flying knife,Constantly slaughtering and far beings。
Standing in the distance of the red brush staring at the battle,Requests and Walt call。
“Tempted these idiot,Sure enough, the collapse is played together.。In the cracked animal entangled in their time,Laboratory‘she’It should be absorbed to be absorbed,Quickly power up your strength。”
“Alliance,Time urgent,I suggest that immediately out of the machine armor attacked,Fast solution‘she’,People who have lost their own dare to block,Let’s……”
Walter refused,“You make the armor forces standby,I have talked about my past and my people.,Now it’s definitely not to deepen the misunderstanding between us and life.。”
“Dr. Tesla??”Asked Hanjiang asked a sentence。
Valt nodded:“It is not an enemy now,Collapse,It inside‘she’Be。”
Walt took Hanjiang to Qi Guan,When the two meet, they become swords.。