Shenzhen Hong Kong Macau is connected to the Guangdong-Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District anti-money laundering cooperation

The event site. The organizer is mapped by the People’s Network Shenzhen On October 29 (Li Shen) On October 29th, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, the anti-money laundering forum was held at the same time in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao, aimed at building bridge links between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, promoting Optimize the anti-money cooperation and information exchange mechanism to jointly maintain financial system security.

  This forum invited the China People’s Bank of China, China Anti-Willing Monitoring and Analysis Center, Local Financial Supervision Administration, Securities Regulatory Bureau, Hong Kong Financial Services and Treasury Bureau, Hong Kong Financial Development Bureau, Hong Kong Wealth Information and Investigation Division, Macau Finance The relevant departments of intelligence offices, Macao HPT, Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao Three Industry Association, etc. The forum has been actually starting from the three-year-old and Hong Kong and Macao. Practice "" Financial Science and Technology and Supervision Technology Application "" Dark Washing Basic Environment Construction "and other four major modules, participants jointly explore the future development trend of anti-money laundering supervision in Dadan District and in a new financial environment, anti-money laundering work The opportunities and challenges faced, helping to build an international first-class bay area and a world-class city group.

  It is reported that the supervision exchange in Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao is mainly based on platforms such as the Financial Partnership, anti-money laundering exchange seminars.

The Guangzhou Bank of China, the Guangzhou Branch, through the establishment of the cross-border money laundering risk monitoring cooperation mechanism, continuously promoting the construction of Guangdong and Australia anti-money laundering supervision cooperation and information exchange mechanism, carried out the risks of Guangdong, Macao, and pragmatic cooperation, such as the Macau Financial Administration, Macau The financial intelligence office jointly carries out cross-border innovative financial products laundering risk assessment, and promotes the joint risk assessment of "cross-border finance" business, and effectively improve the targeted and effectiveness of the anti-control of cross-border money laundering in the Daban District. As one of the local large-scale integrated financial enterprises that grow in Guangdong, Macau Bay, the organizers of this forum China Ping An, has always adhered to the initiality of the people’s livelihood, implement "continuous growth, optimization structure, deploying the future" twelve words operating strategy. Zhang Xiaoyu, head of Ping An Group Compliance, said that while promoting the development of robust development, he has always adhered to the innovation of the business, and will "strong standard, control risks", actively respond to the country’s "three anti-" work. Strategic deployment, followed by the supervision direction. Ping An hopes to bring good heads, down the ground, bury their heads, have been working for a long time, based on the new development stage of the Dawan District, build a new development in the Daban District, and build a new development pattern of the Daban District, continue to explore the best financial group money-saving risk management Practice, support the Anti-Money Laundering Cooperation in Daxia Area in Practical Action. China Ping An through continuous communication with the regulatory authorities, actively cooperates with supervision peers, and continuously explores the improvement of its own anti-money laundering management architecture and anti-money laundering management strategy, contributing to the effectiveness of the anti-money laundering work in the Daban District. In 2021, Ping An Group cooperated with the Chinese People’s Bank Shenzhen Center Branch, in accordance with the latest theories at home and abroad, combined with the big bay district to prevent financial risk work tasks, and actively explore the improvement of money-controlled risk assessment mechanisms, explore the methodology of suitable for money-controlled group laundering risk assessment And processes, covering various business activities of domestic and foreign professional companies, providing new ideas for the innovation of financial risk management model in Daxan District.

  Zhang Xiaoyu said that in the future, China Ping An will continue to carry out the initiative of the national entity and ensure the people’s livelihood, the corporate social responsibility, provide the peace of mind of high-quality financial products, to create simple and convenient services to customers, and financial plus medical health Warm heart, with "five hearts" safe, create temperature-tempered finance, and resolutely hold the bottom line of systemic financial risks, do a good job in financial services and financial risk management.

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