Shaanxi Fengxiang County: Wiping Community "Service Network" to build "National Law" pattern

I. Status Background Fengxiang County under the jurisdiction of Dongguan Community, Fengming Road Community, Nanhuan Community, South Street Community, Set 4 Party Branch, 13 Party Branch, 26 Party Group, a total of 662 members.

54 full-time staff of the community.

A total of 14,256 households were 3,2398 people, including 25,883 households, 60,693 resident populations, 47 resident groups. There are 66 institutions in the jurisdiction, 156 non-public enterprises in the jurisdiction, 197 individual industrial and commercial households, and 29 volunteers team, recruiting more than 2,600 volunteers.

The 38 grid management units were formed, and the community units reported 77 units in the community, and the number of participants reported 666.

In recent years, with urbanization, industrialization process is accelerating, urban resident population has increased sharply, and communities have exceeded the original functional range, which has undertaken more and more social, public welfare and mass work, which are managed by the original management. The organization gradually transformed into service type, public welfare organization.

Community party construction management faces new situation, new tasks, new challenges. Community Party Construction is an important part of the party’s grassroots organization construction. It is the foundation of all work and combat effectiveness. With the transformation of social structure, community party construction work is facing a new topic. How to become an important task through better promoting resident services in the community party building. Fengxiang County is the situation, innovation leads, and constructs measures in the process of building the "big party committee" process, willing the community "service network", and constructs "all-domain" pattern.

Second, the effectiveness results 1. Expand the area, extension the party construction work coverage.

Actively promoted the "big party committee" system, breaking the original "single-handed".

Relying on the strength of political, human, attributes such as politics, manpower, attributes in the jurisdiction, jointly participate in the community and social governance work in the joint jurisdiction of enterprises, social organization units and in-service party members. Organize some large unit party organizations in the jurisdiction, individual law enforcement departments as a leader, select a leader as part-time committee (not accounting for the community party members), participating in community organizations, and jointly study the daily affairs of communities And follow the agreed results to complete the community governance and construction work. In addition, each resident unit assigns 1 liaison person. When encountering some major problems or work needs, the liaison will communicate two-way communication as a contact bridge link in the community and the community unit, and reflect the demand of the community to the unit’s supervisor. Leadership, the main or competent leaders of the community units participate in the community party construction joint meeting, and jointly study some major issues encountered in the community.

2. Consolidate roots and improve the construction of regionalism. Establish a precision service concept, use the "Grid" model of the community service to promote the party building work.

First, "scientific precision" textured net.

According to the principle of "regional similar, type convergence", with 500-1000 households, the residential community and economic main body are divided into multiple entity mesh. Timely set up a grid party branch, the building team, and clarify its "demonstration lead , Organize the basic positioning of organizational coordination, caring for party members, and contact the masses. The second is "Party Membership" to form a team. Community workers "Sinking" serves as megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload.

The third is the "total social worker" to take a lot of things. According to the idea of ??one mark, cultivate "composite" social workers, implement grid business packages, and to come to the system, realize "people walk in grid, things in the grid". 3. Based on the grassroots level and improve the party organization service mechanism. Actively carry out in-service party members into the community activities, vigorously promote the in-service party members to the residential community to report the system, that is, the community units are reported to the community, and the community party organization establishes the service list according to the service needs of the jurisdiction, and the party members according to individual specialty. Commitment to claim that the relevant service project is publicized in the community and residential community. Party members conduct volunteer services according to residents’ needs, and the community party organization establishes party membership accounts, and feeds back the service to party members, as party membership. Important reference.

Solidly carry out the "three" activities, that is, each party member directly contacts more than 1 person, claims more than 1 position, at least 1 day volunteers or participate in 1 community public welfare activities.

In the community, the party members play their identity, leading responsibility, play the role, and actively participate in the construction of the residential community, actively as a good policy and regulatory propagandist, community development Senator, civilized construction demonstration staff, public welfare industry promoters, difficulties Group gangs, science and education contributors, communication contact information daughters and community stable security officers.

This year, the residential unit has reported 77 of the community to 666 people, providing a full range of services for the community. 4. Two-way assessment, stimulating the enthusiasm of party members. Actively carry out "in-service party members into the community, serving zero distance" activities.

Party organizations in the community will reflect the basic situation of the party members to the community party organization. Party members in the community units are in the process of the residents of the jurisdiction, and the community party organizations have established accounts for these party members in a timely manner, implement points management, and timely service. Feedback to the party organization in the community unit, as a basis for the assessment and evaluation of the unit.

5. Innovative vectors to create an information service platform.

Actively carry out the construction of the "smart" branch of the community, use the "Internet +" concept, establish party members WeChat group, community WeChat public number, foreign worker party members can pay party fees through WeChat group, receive branch arrangements, and pay party fees, WeChat pay party fees, Implementation of school members in the party members, effectively strengthen the management of foreign mobile party members. Vigorously promote the three Qin Pioneer App, Shaanxi Pioneer and Fengxiang Pioneer WeChat public number, so that party members master the latest developments in the field of party building, achieve "learning in often, learning daily, into the heart", let each party member Don’t drop the team on the road of learning.

The information of the community WeChat public platform management team, the special person is responsible, special system, timely release, and residents’ personal interests, not only improve the Zhou Zhihe rate of residents, but also makes work more smoothly and efficient.

Third, the revelation significance is from the current situation of urban grassroots party construction, the most practical, most effective way is to build the street community party building, the party building, the industry party building "unified", through comprehensive overall, open integration, and continuously strengthen the street community party organization Function, build a regionalized party building platform, expand the channel of community party organizations, improve community, units, industry party building interconnection system, change "single-handed" is "group and teamwork", and better play urban grassroots party organizations to lead urban development And the influence, integration and leading force in social governance, so that community residents have more feelings and happiness.

First, the community party organization must have the right to speak.

Continuous implementation of the "Great Party Committee" construction, implement the spirit of the improvement and strengthening the new era of urban grassroots party construction work, increase the discourse rights of the community party assessment, evaluation, etc., strengthen urban grassroots party construction work Importance, ensuring that the community has a starting point when working, and has a powerful point. Strengthen the coordination function of the party organization, vigorously promote the community party construction and industry party building, unit building interconnection interaction, mobilize all aspects of society to participate in community construction, continue to improve the overall effect of community party construction work, and better serve the community.

Second, it is necessary to establish an effective working mechanism.

Adhere to the mechanism lead, lead the party organization to the institutionalization of various organizations. Party organizations should lead all kinds of self-constraints, self-management, self-education, self-service.

Promoting a joint meeting system, signing a joint agreement, establishing a two-way list of co-construction matters, stimulating the enthusiasm of the participation of the units of residential units, allowing the party to build a good operation, allowing the community party to build a responsibility and mission at all levels.

The third is always maintained for the people’s service concept. All working points should be "serving" for the people ", enhance the people’s well-being as the starting point and the foothold, to further strengthen the participation of party members and community workers to serve the people’s service ideology, enhance the coordination of community party organizations and resolve social contradictions, coordinate Solving the difficulties in the units of the residential area, realizing the purpose of promoting multi-party harmony and win-win, enhances the happiness and feelings of community residents.

(Editor: Song Chen, Yan Yan).