Winter Olympics 5G NR Broadcasting Technology for Winter Olympics Safety Supply Winter Olympics

"This seemingly simple law enforcement recorder is called a telemedicine recorder. When doctors diagnosis, if there is a difficult situation, you can record the diagnosis and treatment activities, but also invite experts to conduct consultations." National Stadium Operation Team Medical Manager The source tells the reporter. It is worth mentioning that the telemedicine recorder also has a positioning function. "Due to the requirements of the epidemic sector, there is a complicated partition in the national gymnote building, divided into high-risk zones and low-risk zones." Guide source said, "The remote medical recorder not only records video and audio materials during the treatment process It is also possible to record the doctor’s action track. It can see that the existing epidemic prevention partition will not cause the doctor to rescue, and the trajectory of the action is unnecessary when the trajectory is trajectory, and it can also provide reference to the optimization of the medical epidemic activity streamline. .

"5GNR Broadcasting Technology Winter Olympics" In Wukesong Sports Center venue, a set of multi-channel live broadcast systems are running, 9 mobile phones, 9 different perspectives video signals simultaneously show a game Live broadcast.

This technology is 5GNR broadcast technology (also known as 5GNRMBS technology).

5GNR Broadcasting is based on 5G mobile communication network, which adopts a combination unicast, multicast, broadcast mode, providing new 5G technology for new interactive video broadcasting services and converged information services to various 5G mobile intelligence terminals. "The biggest feature of this technology is that according to real-time network needs, intelligence, dynamically switching unicast services and broadcast / multicast services, while ensuring network utilization efficiency, it is great to expand the support capabilities of personal services and industry services, adapt All types of 5G standard universal terminals, no need for hardware customization changes, thereby obtaining a wide range of support for global industry chain manufacturers. "Li Shuang, head of 5GNR broadcast technology, said. (People’s Network Comprehensive) (Editor: Yang Yupo, Lu Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.