Picture Story: "Innovation" Life of High-speed Railway Expert [11]

"All my research projects are for innovation, but to find those most urgent needs to study, the most critical bottlenecks breakthrough, the offshore problem to follow up." Wang Qichang, a professor of the Civil Engineering School of Southwest Jiaotong University. Professor Wang Qichang, 88, is a famous high-speed rail expert in my country. For more than 60 years, from the Northeast Home, Shenyang to the Southwest Hindong University, from the Tangshan Railway College to Southwest Jiaotong University, from the new railway base to high-speed railway ultra high strength concrete sound barrier … Wang Qichang chase the footsteps of scientific research innovation, like my country Railway Like the development speed, the more you run, the faster! In 1958, Wang Qichang stayed from the Tangshan Railway College (after moving to Sichuan, renamed Southwest Jiaotong University), since then, Wang Qichang is committed to university teaching and research work.

Wang Yichang who likes "fresh things" has been exposed to high-speed railways. In 1980, Wang Qicheng began to teach high-speed railway knowledge to students in graduating class.

In 2012, Wang Qichang, who had been in the nearly 80-year-old, began to pay attention to the sound barrier in the field of high-speed railway environmental protection.

"The train will run at high speed, which will generate noise. It has an impact on the villages along the line. It is necessary to stand a ‘wall’, block the sound, this block ‘is called the sound barrier.

"Wang Qichang said," Don’t think that this is easy to build a ‘wall’ is easy, the understanding is big! " "Wang Qichang introduced that in 2012, my country did not have independent innovative sound barriers, high-speed rail construction, the main application of the sound barrier technology introduced from Germany. The year, Wang Qichang decided to turn again, lead Chengdu Zhonghong Rail Traffic Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Southwest Traffic Four units and other four units jointly develop "high-speed railway super high-strength concrete sound barrier", filling domestic technical gaps. From design to production, from material to mold, from installation to debugging … After more than three years, Wang Qichang leads team to overcome technology The problem, eventually succeeded, and the results of the review believe that its system technology has achieved overall international advanced level, and key technologies reach the international leadership.

"my country’s high-speed railway has led the world, and the railway cause will also have new and greater developments. It should be adapted to new development. I still have a lot of new work to do.

Wang Qichang said.