What boat ride south of Deng Xiaoping visited? Huang Wei tells a different set of 87 anti-smuggling boats Shu red mark

Voice recorder memory hundred years, I was telling people the revolutionary relics, host Huang Wei.

I tell these artifacts, is "902 Customs’ anti-smuggling.

It meters long, 13 meters high, the maximum width of the meters.

902 boats in 1989 and put into use in Gongbei Customs, officially retired in 2009, China Customs is now housed in the museum, for the collection of national level cultural relics.

A ship is how to become relics? Let us uncover the mystery of it. It is our own design and construction, it was one of the most advanced on the waters of the Pearl River boats, with a total displacement of 400 tons, the wind resistance 8, and is equipped with satellite positioning, navigation radar tracking search systems.

Service for 20 years, anti-smuggling ship while at sea to combat the smuggling of illegal and criminal activities exploits, also witnessed the Chinese customs to fulfill the mission of reform and opening up, the country’s glorious history is good.

902 boats serving Gongbei Customs in Zhuhai, Guangdong is located in one of my country’s first Special Economic Zone, where Hong Kong by water and connected by road and Macao and interlinked, called the reform and opening up the forefront.

On this piece of gold Zhuhai sea every day thousands of cargo ships, large and small exchanges, one of the busy scene. But it also gave him the opportunity for some criminals, great profit margins rampant smuggling at sea. In order to safeguard national interests, July 20, 1989, 902 boats in Gongbei Customs officially put into use, and anti-smuggling team members began a heroic sea journey.

It was at that day, Gongbei Customs received a clue, a smuggling ship will Chenzheyese exit from Zhuhai waters. 902 received the task of anti-smuggling boat carrying the players, midnight to intercept area, quietly waiting for suspicious vessels on the dark sea. Commanders focused their attention on the radar, the moment can not relax.

Suddenly, there was a suspicious target! 902 boats at full speed chase at speeds of nearly 80 km, then take the risk of smuggling boat, full speed escape. In the nick of two ships near the occasion, anti-smuggling team quickly jump to smuggle on board, under control of criminals. The original "902 Customs’ anti-smuggling boat captain Wu Jinpeng: 2:00 o’clock, we reached the destination waters when the sea wind has reached 7 to 8, so bad weather is not conducive to our seizing, the slightest mistake is destroyed, fall hazard seabed. With our excellent handling ability, we have successfully boarded, and took control of the ship. Eventually, the heroic players in the smuggling boat seized a number of case value of more than 100 million old car, the case also became the first since the year old car smuggling channels Gongbei Customs seized at sea.

902 was put into a boat, they set a hehe exploits.

All kinds of smuggling watches, television sets, fabrics, and even the smuggling of celebrity pictures, fossils and animal specimens …… All these shocking. With the gradual improvement of foreign trade management system, smuggling space is greatly compressed.

However, the smuggling profits are still so many people willing to take the risk. Anti-smuggling team members stick to day after day and sometimes calm, but when the rough sea, and smugglers deal firmly guarded this first line of the country.

902 boat has reaped numerous honors.

During its service, Customs has seized thousands of sea smuggling cases, with a total case value of billion yuan.

Gongbei Customs anti-smuggling former captain Huang Jian, proudly call it "exploits the boat." Huang Jian: When I was on the boat 902, the best performance of the year, the case value billion, and sometimes a night out check eighty-nine smugglers. 902 boats are meritorious boat.

Unexpected is, exploits aboard the ship, had also received a glorious and arduous task. January 23, 1992, Comrade Deng Xiaoping 902 boat ride from Shenzhen to Zhuhai, a total of 24 nautical miles. In the vast expanse of the waters of the Pearl River Estuary, 902 boats in the lively cabin, he talked about the reform and opening up, delivered an important part of the famous Southern conversation. You might ask, anti-smuggling ship, why you can get pick-winning Deng Xiaoping and other central leaders do? Lihai Yong, deputy director of China Customs Museum to unveil the answer: Lihai Yong: first, then from Shenzhen to Zhuhai, sea is the fastest, most convenient; the second, when the ship is the most entire Pearl River Estuary one of the advanced ship; the third, with the professionalism of our customs related to customs is a politically strong, tough business, trustworthy team.

Tough business, political strong, this is the best compliment to the customs people.

November 19, 2009, "Customs 902" boat successfully completed its 1012th cruise, honorable discharge.

It’s like a battle-hardened warrior, full of feats and honor, successful completion of the mission.

After that, it was disassembled and shipped to Beijing thousands of miles away, and used as a 1: 1 assembly, for people to visit. Lihai Yong: This ship which saw a reform and opening up an important time node, as it put his into the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation, a great thing to witness the process.

For our understanding of reform and opening up the development process, to understand the great achievements of our great achievements of reform and opening up, strengthen patriotic education is of great significance. Once aboard the boat in the South China Sea through the waves of the hero, and now is in another guise, lead us to the recollection of reform and opening up a section of the great voyage, the guardian of the country’s Customs Review scenes shining moment.

Zhang Ruxian: My name is Zhang Ruxian, 29 years old, is a guide China Customs Museum.

After 902 boats retired official Tibet China Customs Museum, China Customs and the State share a common fate of the great history of the best witness.

Today, as a new era of young people, I will lead the sentiment customs and history of the pulsating national sovereignty and the rise and fall of the customs red tells the story to more people.