Dongguan emerges a love team to transfer foreign workers

  The reporter noticed that the trunk is united with "Dongguan, hello" bright white paint, which is a public welfare activity carried out by a new energy vehicle sharing platform called "I should travel". The platform is in the end of last year. Dongguan construction unmanned self-service new energy vehicle demonstration zone provides a safe and convenient and smart green travel service for the public.

According to the person in charge of the platform, this event has been put into new energy vehicles. The service route includes Dongguan Sports Hall to Humen High-speed Railway Station, Guancheng Culture Square to Shilong Railway Station, Dongcheng Auto Terminal to Bus Terminal and Nancheng Bus Station To provide you with free transfer service. In the Guancheng Cultural Square, a row of beautiful new energy cars reflects the eye, here is a busy scene. Mr. Zhang is a volunteer. This time came to do volunteer drivers. He told reporters happy. After a few days, he went home. I learned that this love activity registered, I feel very meaningful, I can help myself. Go to some people.

  Dongguan City Gymnasium to Humen High-speed Railway Station, the distance is the farthest, the single is from the Guangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed, the one-way is about 40 minutes, and the 107 national road taken by the bus is very long. The migrant worker takes the bus from the city to the Humen high-speed rail station, with the baggage of the big bag, and it is necessary to transfer the vehicle, and the distance is inconvenient. Today, there is a love transfer service, the majority of migrant workers like the eyebrows, and travel is very easy, thank you for your love service.

  At the love transfer service point of Dongcheng Bus Station, Miss Chen has a lot of luggage, and with two children, it looks quite apless. After the volunteers saw it, I took the baggage and put it on the car.

Miss Chen said happily: "She is about to return home with the fellow car at the Dongguan Bus Terminal, and she is not easy, so she has brought a lot of Dongguan specialty, but there are many bags, and it is quite trouble to the bus station. With love transfer, it is easy to travel.