Full media new story Changchun plan to serve FAW to solve more than 600 pieces

FAW Logistics Co., Ltd. sent a banner for steam opening area. From the traffic lights to the parking lot transformation, demolition from the land acquisition to the project acceptance, from the water supply to the bidding innovation … This year, the auto opening area keeps in mind the service of the first mission, put the party history and education results to the service FAW In the work, nine project service bureauses served the development of FAW and innovation, and has resolved more than 600 pieces of various problems for FAW Group and partners.

  The history of the Establishment of FAW Group is included in the regional history education in the region, requiring the regional party members and cadres in the region, in-depth study of the experience of the development of more than 60 years of development, from the history of the FAW Group, love the party patriotic, hard work, and innovation Spiritual power.

  The steam opening area works the service of the service. As the regional history education of the region, the center of service, the main industry, leading the development of important starting, and requires the party members and cadres to be highly mission and responsibility, wholeheartedly serve FAW, into the construction "double First-class "career. Automatic opening area, the degree of satisfaction of FAW and enterprises, as an important standard for the transformation of party history education results in the region, promoting the service work of the party members and cadres in the whole district, and homogenously helping FAW to help residential enterprises, Promote development. The steam opening area has a "double-first-class" index of the standard Changchun International Automobile City, and established a 24-weather service relationship with the FAW Group. The Party Work Committee of the Automobile District, the main leaders of the management committee, and the important activities of the FAW Group, and the important activities of the FAW Group, at any time to communicate with the FAW Group, real-time understanding of the direction of innovation and development of the FAW Group.

  The various departments of the auto space area and the various departments of the FAW Group, each of which established a close communication channel, responding to demand at any time, providing all-round support services. The steam opening zone breaks the traditional investment promotion and project service system, surrounding the innovation of the FAW Group, taking the hard force, re-establishing the 9 project service bureaistics of the red flag, liberation, sedan, and the public, and accurately docking the FAW Group in the Yangtze Rail Factory , Core supporting enterprises, future development direction.

  9 project service bureaus and the FAW group corresponding to the FAW group, the molecular company maintains normalization, actively on-site service, meets the needs of enterprises, supports the development of enterprises, and has a service object, combing industrial chain supporting enterprises, accurate docking, promoting supporting Enterprises to Changchun International Automobile City investment. FAW Red Flag Project Service Bureau – 29 days, China FAW R & D, the new energy intelligent network car test base project procedure procedure; boost investment nearly 8 billion yuan of FAW Hongqi prosperity factory project started, the year is warmly closed, In the second year, it has created a new record in my country’s northern regional projects. FAW Liberation Project Service Bureau – immersive service wins enterprise highly recognized, liberation J7 intelligent factory project construction , Construction roads, land acquisition rins, etc., ensure the smooth construction of the project. FAW Toyota Project Service Bureau – Joint service mechanism helps enterprise projects to win expectations, in the implementation process of FAW Feng Yue expanable project, the project leader of FAW Toyota Project Service Bureau, according to demand, according to the requirements of the relevant department, For a time, problems will be resolved in the project construction site to help the project quickly advance.

  Sanfang Project Service Bureau – Efficient Service Winted FAW Logistics Co., Ltd., Sanfang Sanfang Project Service Bureau and FAW Logistics Co., Ltd. maintained daily communication, the relevant departments have been coordinated to solve land storage for FAW logistics since the beginning of this year. Road construction, waste plant reuse, idle land transfer, office building renovation, build a surrounding gear, logistics park backfilling soil, silt treatment and other problems more than 50 pieces. Science and Technology Innovation Project Service Bureau – Efficient Promote "Banner Spring City" Intelligent Network Demonstration Zone construction From project planning, ecological partners talk about construction unit docking, full service, and promote project construction.

It is strongly supported the development strategy of the "five-way" development of the FAW Group, promoting the construction of Changchun International Automobile City, and accelerates the upgrade of international automotive city auto industrial transformation. …… The history of the party, Ming Juan, transfer it to the wind, promote development, in the auto space area, based on their own service FAW, service project, service enterprise, is becoming the party members and cadres in the district to promote the conversion of party history education to practice, all district Square, the officers of the uniqueness are strong, and the cooperation of "double-first" is continuously enhanced. (Source: Changchun Daily Writing / Yang Honglun Photography / Zhang Yang) (Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Long) Share more people to see.