Guangxi Cloud Social Work Service Center: Providing a warm harbor for special children

Parents help children carry out rehabilitation training. The People’s Network Huang Ziyu Take Lin Kong is a teacher in the Guangxi Cloud Social Work Service Center. She has worked in Guangxi in 2011, mainly conducting teaching of rehabilitation and educational content.

For ten years, Lin Yinghua has got a lot of movement.

"She frankly, working for many years, supporting themselves, now, parents don’t leave their children.

Every child is different, the degree is different, and Lin Yinghua has encountered a 4-year-old child. When sending it, it will not stand, and it will not be able to express it. After 20 days of rehabilitation training, the child can go own .

"It seems that the miracle happened, and the child’s progress made us very accomplishment.

"Lin Yinghua said that this job is the pass between heart and heart. He received the first ring of life." That child is 9 years old, I have been very emotional, I have been accompanying him. Spend the station. Once he pushed the aid to me, he gave me a ring that sang himself.

"Lin Yinghua’s eye circle is red," I think our payment, children and parents know, very touched.

"Most cerebral palsy families are not allowed to take children to rehabilitation for rehabilitation training for rehabilitation training for rehabilitation training. For those who stay at home, there are problems such as rehabilitation, education, care, and social integration.

Guangxi Cloud passed the team of family guidance through the team of the Rehabilitation Master + Special Education + Social Workers, and also provides a service for remote teaching for conditions. At present, 124 varying degrees of cerebral palsy, age groups are 2-19 years old, based on age groups and functions, these children come from different counties in Guangxi, and the center also provides rehabilitation education services for 47 people through online. .

Ms. Xianshen’s introduction, in 2014, with his son came to Guangxi to make rehabilitation training. Ms. said that there is a home here, and I will always have a different vision, and the parents will encourage each other, and there are a lot of happy time, very warm.

At present, the center’s funding is mainly raised to society, and the rental venue is mainly rented, and the rent of more than 600,000 rents. With this rehabilitation, there are more and more venues and funds. pressure. "Because we rent a private room, there is no outdoor venue, you can’t give your child better training, and the children who receive the children are getting more and more. The venue can not meet more children, I hope to solve the venue as soon as possible, more services Child.

"Wei Yuqin introduced, will pay attention to the 16-19-year-old child for targeted employment training, find more companies to cooperate, let them better integrate into society. (Editor: Wang Yong, Huang Yumei) Sharing Many people see.