For the national rejuvenation battle British – Nanyang Overseas Chinese Machinery

[Font:] In the national national anti-Japanese war, overseas Chinese corresponding to the people of the motherland, fight side by side, showing unprecedented anti-Japanese national unity, emerged, there are countless can sorrowful heroes and deeds, Nanyang Overseas Chinese Machinery returned to China One of them is typical. After the overall anti-Japanese war broke out, the important port of coastal ports fell, and the Northwest Road and Yunnan Railway were also disconnected.

After the hard work of the people of all ethnic groups, China has incedited an important international transportation channel from Kunming to Myanmar in August 1938, and became an important international transportation channel in China and the external world. It is necessary to transport the industrial production of raw materials and the lives of the big rear people. After the transfers in the transportation road, the skilled driver and the mechanics were very shortage.

Mr. Chen Jiageng, a famous patriotic overseas Chinese, learned that the motherland needs a large number of car drivers and repairers, and issued the No. 6 of the South China General Meeting, calling on the young driver and the mechanics in overseas Chinese to return to China, and saves danger.

Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India, etc. Overseas Chinese enthusiasm responded, more than 3,000 Nanyang Overseas Chinese machines have been returned to the motherland in 1939 to participate in anti-Japanese countries, and invested against anti-war transportation work in Yun’an Highway. It is called "Nanyang Overseas Chinese Machinery Return Service Group".

The second batch of service group collectively remembered the Junku Highway at the time. It is the simple road of emergency repair after the anti-Japanese War, over the high-rise ridge, crossing the ridge, the river, the river, and the river, the road is extremely dangerous, the old machine worker Remember: "The most dangerous road section is a number of south days, narrow and steep, next to the cliff, can not see.

There must be a springboard on the car. When you meet narrow roads, you can lay it at any time, so that the wheels are empty. "Plus a lot of patterns, the madness of the Japanese army is more convenient, and the performance of the machine is very high.

In such sinister conditions, the South Overseas Chinese Machine Works in the next day, and it will be born to death to transport a war. Nihong, Nihong, wrote a poem: "Overseas returns to the encyclopedia, the dust servant, there is no stop in the day and night, no longer the mountain vows!" According to statistics, from 1939 to 1942, the Burma Highway Delivery of 500,000 tons of military supplies, more than 10,000 cars and a large amount of materials, which are shipped by the South China Machine, and they have made important contributions to the anti-Japanese war, reflecting overseas Chinese and the motherland with the same breathing, and Location of patriotism. In 1985, the Yunnan Provincial Government built a "South Chinese Motion Anti-Japanese Monument" for the South China Machinery. The inscriptions have been written in the inscription: "There are more than 3,000 people who have returned to China. More than 10,000 people War, car accidents and diseases donate in the country, and more than a thousand people returned to the country after the war, and the remaining more than a thousand people have left … ".

The contribution of the South China Motion as the Anti-Japanese War, just like the four big characters written on the base of the "Nanyang Motion Anti-Japanese Monument".