Ethnic orchestra "Qiantang Jiangyu" "a change" revision meeting expert speaking

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If there is no response for a long time, please brush the creation of the group of this page, it should be clearer Korean Xin’an (China Musician Association Party Group Secretary, Level 1 Compos): Qiantang River is not just a natural theme, or the historical humanistic subject, some degree It reflects a spirit.

The national orchestra "Qiantang River" is properly positioned, the perspective is unique, strengthens the audibility, and the artistic conception and impact of the poems.

Seven works can be independently entered, and the overall layout. Audio layout, band’s technique, performance, etc. have certain innovation.

It can be seen that the master team has a lot of heart blood from the overall planning and prenatal collection to the layout architecture. Art boutiques often have a polishing process.

"Qiantang Jiangyu Painting" is to create these seven works when expressing the theme of Qiantang River? The subject connotation and overall architecture of the group should be clearer when creating expression. For example, the labor number in the "Hardow" should reflect the current era, reflect a spirit of struggle, or a symbol? In addition, the balance of the sound, the transition of the sound, and the application of the sound, the inner tension, etc., and it is worth the scrutiny. In the case where the language style of seven music remains through, it should be distinguished and more fine. When you leave white, you must leave white.

I hope to learn from the creation of the forefront of Yin Mingyi (Professor of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music): Generally, collective creation works, style is not easy to unify. The national orchestra "Qiantang River" has become a masterpiece that reflects collective wisdom and horizontal.

How to integrate technology and music theme? Musical image shapes the most critical.

The image of "Qiantang River Contemporary" is clear and full of time. The "source" of the opening work is smooth, and the creation is simple, and the intrinsic and voices are constantly changing.

Erhu concerto "Life is not" colorful, simple and unattime, sound type, and pitch is more uniform. With regard to the modification of the work, the flute concerto "Yunshui", after the band comes in, the flute can be properly paused to bring a sound contrast. In the "Song Song", the band can participate in the whole process.

For example, the end of the music is fierce, and the band should synchronize and create a tension atmosphere. The image of the "big tide" of the national orchestral tide is clear, and the tide of Qiantang River is the object. But from the head to the tail, how to give people a sense of tide? I hope that the work should not be too full, but to actively learn from the artistic creation of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Based on the unity of styles, Personality Li Xiaofeng (Party Secretary, Professor, School of Art, Shandong University): In recent years, artistic creation in terms of local humanities and natural resources, becoming a hot spot.

National Orchestra Creation, How do I properly handle new and arbitrarily? In this regard, "Qiantang River Catpicies" made a useful exploration.

The overall architecture of the works is better, there is only the natural, humanistic connotation of Qiantang River, but also boldly new in the form of performance; the music language is fresh and elegant, and the aesthetic concept of traditional creation is difficult. It is difficult to expensive. However, it is worth noting that overall emphasis on the style of style, making the whole work in cultural connotation, inner tension, moving and static fluctuations, strong and weak contrasts. The fabric design of each work is still waiting for.

The first ends have more components, but in some key nodes, the audio processing of the band should be more thick. At the same time, how to grasp each work, do a good track, and firmly attract the attention of the audience? I hope that the main team is designed and handled more detailed to enhance the hearing impact. The second degree creation also needs to be worn Wang Tianming (Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra, the first-class composition): "Qiantang Jiangyong Pain" from the opening "source" to the seventh "big tide", there is an extension of the theme elements, very interesting It is also very delicate. This shows that the main team has made a lot of efforts in the unity, it is worthy of affirmation.

  "Qiantang River Satisfaction" also needs further improvement in performance, and can consider the innovation of the creation technique. Let the work more colorful Tang Junqiao (Professor, Shanghai Music Academy, Music ": National Orchestra," Qiantang River Contemporary "tightly the theme, one ics, let people be immersive, as in painting.

Seven music seamless docks, harmonious unity, and their own uniqueness. Each musical melody is very strong. The arrangement and design of the three concerto are also very delicate. Choose the flute, two Hu, and the main instrument of the concerto work, it is relatively representative.

For example, "Yunshui" is romantic, band and solo cooperate with tacit; "Life is incorrect", the palatage is relaxed, the movement is combined, and it is better to convey the creation intention of the composer; "big trend" through delicate lines, The superimposing of the hierarchy makes people feel the changing challenge, very painful. How does "Qiantang River Sounds" more on the first floor? "Life is not" ended slightly, and it is more dazzling. Talk, is a traditional Chinese dance, from the people.

In the hearts of the people, the song is image, whether the dance image is, or a picture image.

However, the performance of "stepping songs", there is a pound, and it should reflect the charm of exquisite sound.

In the "Hardow", the number is an important music element. I hope to join the number as appropriate, add the music of the player, so that the work is more colorful.

Qiantang River image should run through Li Jing Xia (Professor, Shanghai Music Academy, Music ":" Qiantang River Contemporary "seven works, writing, write, write fun, write mystery, have a relative range in emotions, Patient taste.

  According to the criteria of the boutique, how to modify the grinding? On the "source" of the work, there is a kind of music tension from the water droplets and the surface of the surface.

But the band is infect in the intensity level, the sound level, the dynamic level, etc., and hopes to make a better role.

The fourth "神" should strengthen the feeling of simple and mysterious. The fifth "Harbin" is full of local music colors, hoping to be more active. The seventh "big tide" in the "big tide" can be appropriately written.

  In addition, the image of Qiantang River should not be overhead, but should always be through the work. Everyone has a Qiantang River. How to let Qitang River flow in music, let the audience pass the voice to identify Qiantang River? In this regard, we also need to think deeply and discover, add the identifiable music elements. Finally, hope that the work can be able to make more, common, and use a social effect to reflect the cultural value. Expensive Soul, through the content of Yang Yufan (deputy dean, professor of the School of Music Academy, Nanjing Art Institute): The creation and performance of the orchestra is not easy.

Use Chinese traditional musical instruments to complete a Western band, quite difficult.

"Qiantang River Contemporary" structure is reasonable, and it is also very innovative.

  This work can strengthen the processing of tones and sounds in terms of modification improvement.

First of all, let the tone more delicate, then combine through the sound, let the audience feel the artistic conception in Chinese traditional culture.

At the same time, you can consider that there is more new ideas to make the works in the instrument technique.

Do a good job in the emotional pavilion of the climax paragraph (Shanghai National Orchestra Erhu Player, First Level Actor): National Orchestral "Qiantang River Contemporary" has a sense of picture, narrative, and feelings.

The composers did not stick to the original material, but on the basis of absorbing the essence of Jiangnan, I made a new expression.

"Yunshui" is elegant and refined, bringing people into a beautiful picture. "Life is not" has strong music tension, and there is also a certain expansion in performance technology. For example, the slow board sector, can be described as a sound, intentionally, and beautiful.

The more such works, the more the development of the erhu instrument will be promoted.

  Regarding the modification of the work, "life is incorporated", the relationship between the return paragraph and solo can handle more reasonable and clever.

At the same time, the overall melody and emotional push should be more compact.

Although in the formula structure, the chapters and time given in the second branch. However, you can use the rhythmium, comparison method, etc., do a good job in the emotional paving of the climax, so that the work is abrupt, so that the audience is full, and it is still unfinished.

  (, the reporter Li Yuxi interviewed).