DVZ: 41 rural revitalization demonstration villages drive fusion development

On November 9th, the reporter walked into the Jinba District, Ducks Town, Yanzhou District, 500 acres of gold silk emperors bloom, looked around, more than 50 serving people were busy picking chrysanthemums, a festive harvest scene.

Chen Yuan Ting, the first secretary of Jin Zhongcun, introduced that Jin Zhongcun passed the "Company + Base + Farmers" organization, guided the villagers to transfer land to the company to the base worker, so that the villagers tasted the "sweet" brought by the chrysanthemum industry. .

Shi Fu Rong, who is picking chrysanthemums is the villager of Jinzhongcun. She transferred her own 2 acres of land to the company to plant vegetables and chrysanthemums. In addition to the rent of 700 yuan per mu, I can get 2,000 yuan on the base. Worker revenue.

High-value Jin Silaici, beautiful village, also rich, but the industry that drives the masses in Jinzhongba District is not only golden emperor. Jin Zhongcun combines local climate warm and rich advantages, explores the "season + quarter + season" round mode, from January to April to September to December, plant cucumbers, lettuce, flower vegetables and other vegetables, From May to August to August, the chrysanthemum, eggplant, pepper, enhanced the output value of the land of the dam area, realized the goal of "a year of three wheemeters and three seasons with live". Since this year, Jinzhong Village has sold 2.37 million kg, achieving sales income of more than 4.74 million yuan, providing more than 700 jobs, driving the people’s per capita annual worker revenue growth of nearly 20,000 yuan. The story of Jin Zhongcun leads the income of the masses with efficient characteristics of the industry is a microcosm of the construction of 41 rural rejuvenations in the province. This year, the broadcasting of the party construction is leading the party construction, a village, a village, a village, a plan, and fully open the new journey of rural revitalization.

According to the level of economic and social development, the location conditions, consolidate the task of depletion of the poverty attack, the entire district of 175 villages (communities) are three categories, including 51 demonstrations, focusing on 87 classes, and consolidating the basic class 37 indivual. Pick 16 villages (communities) from the leading demonstration class, focusing on 14 villages (communities), and consolidate 11 villages (communities) as a rural revitalization demonstration village.

At present, the broadcasting of rural revitalization demonstration construction programs have been prepared, and 3065 task lists were combed, and 1081 project lists were combed. Walking in the city of Pingzheng Township, the city, the mountains, the green trees, and the fields of vegetables. Unity village is closely eyeing the demonstration leading the goal, grabbing the mid-day financial company hanging opportunity, through the "Company + Cooperative + Farmers" Organization, Establishing the Cooperative of the Red Canal River Tourism Professional Cooperative, Dafa Tianqu Agricultural Co., Ltd. and other cooperatives, enterprises, drive The development of cultivation industry in the village. This year, the residential village realizes more than 600 pig farming, more than 90 beef cattle, more than 500 boxes of Chinese bees, planting grapefruit, 150 acres of ecological rice, opening "farmhouse", developing "big hair" "big hair "Spicy meat" "private vegetable seed oil" "Dafa Honey" and other tourism products, with industrial assistant rural resolution. In Fengxiang Town Huaomao Village, the industrial integration advantage of rural tourism is the fusion advantage.

This Northern Mountain Village, who has been named "Washen Tin" has changed, and the northern part of the Northern Persons, the clean and tidy farmhouse, which makes people forget to return. "There is no rest now, and the guest is a wave of photographs.

"The tourists came in the past, and Huamao Village" Hua Mao people "ancient panel of paper workshop, Zhang Shengdi, was busy.

"Red House" Farm Board Wang Zhiqiang is also very busy, from time to time, go to the kitchen to see the hot-smelled chicken, and go to the yard to greet the guests.

The flourishing Hua Mao Village is not only amazing tourists, but also attracts a lot of young people return home to start a business, and helps rural residence.

"We will grasp key issues, target short board weakness, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality The ladder is promoted to the researches of rural resolution, and strives to open a new bureau in the revitalization of the country. "

One village is planned, one village is the subject, one village. Today, a picture of seeing the mountain, looking to see the water, remember to live in the township, is launched in the broadcast of the broadcast.

(Guizhou Daily Heavenly Eye Journalist Jiang Hongfei) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.