Game anti-addiction new regulations, severe mobile phone manufacturers may be lying in gun

Tencent’s original text is as follows: 1. From March this year to now, the account has been sentenced to a suspected minor operation, and a total of 17 triggered and full through the face recognition verification of Tencent Health System.

The system feedback results are consistent than the data source of the public security authority data platform. Even after the new regulations of the anti-addiction of the anti-addiction on September 1, the account also has a record of the face recognition verification. 2. From the perspective of technical means and actual verification, the system considers that it is indeed a game. As for the reality, whether the account belongs to others, we can’t judge, and there is no relevant authority to make further confirmation outside the enterprise background data.

  3, the nature of this case, if it belongs to the children’s face, we hope that parents can be vigilant, don’t be cheated to brush your face; if you belong to renting accounts, we strongly call on related platforms and service providers The relevant requirements of the department do not engage in the real-name system, bypass the violations of the minor anti-addiction mechanism. 4. In order to ensure user privacy, the background of Tencent Health System In addition to the account of the account, only the trigger time of the face recognition verification, the verification result returned by the public security data platform data source (success or failure), not stored The actual biological information such as the user’s face. The work of troubleshooting the market volume is spent for a long time, we failed to respond to foreign responses in the first time, please understand.

  Why do Tencent to verify this account? Many people may issue questions, is Tencent idle? Why spend three days to go to the database to find this account, go to verify whether it is playing? Because the data released before the king’s glory, its number of registered users in 2017 reached 200 million, and the active users last year were more than 100 million. It is a very cost-effective man in such a big user group. Things of the material. In fact, this is not Tencent really bored or has any bad hay to verify that the user is not a real 60-year-old man. Instead, Tencent is currently pushing a wind tip because of the problem of young people, and recently issued the "Notice on Further Strict Management and Inspector Network Games". After adding the problem of online games, we have launched further strict management measures, and the industry has made this notice as the most strict supervision. Affected by this notice, a number of game companies have fallen. This undoubtedly sitting on the crater, but you gave him a barrel of gasoline. If you want to think about it, it is not difficult to understand why Tencent takes 3 days to verify this account, from hundreds of millions of users to find Zhao Zilong who meets this condition.

Because he needs to prove: I can do it.