“sister,You are really a good daughter brought up by our Wang family。”

Finished these words,Aunt Xue just feels frustrated,She didn’t even bother to say anything she wanted to scold,Don’t even save the last face,Never say hello,He took the girl next to him and left with a grunt。
Wait till I get home,Xue Pan is still undergoing a medical examination,The Patriarch of the Xue family is still waiting outside,No one in the family can discuss it,This made Aunt Xue take a breath,Angry straight hammer chest。
Xue Baochai hurried over with a girl when he heard the movement,Let this be a mother,I found someone to talk to。
Wait until Xue Baochai has listened to Aunt Xue’s explanation,This girl is so angry that her eyes are wide open,But he hasn’t lost his calm。
She just sat at the table and thought about it,And gave my mother a good idea。
“mother,Daddy and big brother, let’s talk about it,Wait till they come back,Naturally there will be a way to vent her anger for her daughter。”
“If my mother feels this is not happy,I have a word to mother,You can also find someone from the Wang family,Comment on the truth。”
“Mother and aunt are both Wang’s girls,A bowl of water always has to be flat。”
Yes indeed!Aunt Xue suddenly started,She has been in contact with her natal sister-in-law……These sisters-in-laws。
Thinking of this, Aunt Xue started to stand up again,She’s going to complain now。
So uncomfortable,Seeing Xue Baochai shook his head,She pulled her mother’s cuff,Reminded:“mother,You can’t go empty-handed even if you go,Just bring a few copies according to the usual daily gifts,For my aunts,Make them feel more comfortable。”
Aunt Xue thought,Also,I have never returned to my natal home empty-handed,Although their home is a merchant,But in the capital, who doesn’t know is the most respectful person。