Two hundred and fifty chapters A visitor in love with another world

See here,Memory is broken。
Mai Fan knows,The man named Lengyifeng,Should be like the villain of the last world,Come to the end of life。
As for the glove box,Why is there still a card from Peng Xiaotian……
Mai Fan really doesn’t understand。
He picked up the girl’s card,Want to see,What is this girl thinking。
Why not exist in the life of the villain in that world,He was regarded as a dispensable supporting role in his life in that world。
This look,Mai Fan is a bit speechless。
This girl named Peng Xiaotian,Not an outwardly sweet,A girl with a rough inner core??
Why is it so keen on seeing people??
Mai Fan saw,After coming out of the station with the villain after returning,She went back to her rental house,Sitting in front of the mirror and muttering for a long time。
As if made some determination,Early next morning,Just called the villain。