Officer Jing and Feng Xiaoju left and right,I looked at Mai Fan in the middle。
Mai Fan made a quiet gesture with his hand,When he came here, his brain jumped suddenly,He can guarantee,The place they want to find is behind this wall。
But here is an empty wasteland,Nothing at all。
Mai Fan with squinted eyes,Automatically triggered again‘Observation’
It doesn’t matter if he squinted,I immediately noticed the weird place behind the wall。
“right here,You see!”Mai Fan lowered his voice to remind the people around him:“Windy in summer,The grass on the ground doesn’t move。”
“What we see may not be real。Maybe it’s a fantasy,Maybe a kind of ability。”
“Do you have any way to deal with this situation?”
Reminded by Mai Fan,Officer Jing and Feng Xiaoju are not worried anymore。
I saw Feng Xiaoju pull out a compass from her arms,Smile at Mai Fan:“You forgot what i did?”
“Just take a look!”
Finished,Took out another jade piece from my arms,Press it in this weird compass。
“This is the formation,Not the compass of a Feng Shui master。look,Like this,Press in……”
A faint white light emerged from this array。
Appeared with this strange sight……And the wasteland in front of them。
Before their eyes,The scene began to be distorted,An air wall like a mirage,Slowly rises behind the wall。
“really,Used a strange blinding technique,I’m sure,This is not Taoist formation,It can’t even be the blind eye trick I know well in China。”