Mai Fan admires American personal heroism and fearlessness。

If in their own country,To die in this way with this frequency。
Police officer at the place where the case occurred,I’m afraid that I have to push down more than half from top to bottom。
The Chinese people’s sorrow is really not for nothing。
Find the original source,You can sort out the cases behind。
The trajectory of this criminal group,The psychology of the offender and the types of abilities they are looking for,You can probably tell why they started in China this time。
to be honest,Superheroes in the U.S. are far more noisy than in China。
In our country,Even if it has changed,Most people are still dormant,Look outside,I dare not show any clues。
What if you are caught by the country as a rare entity for research?
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Six Prospects
This year,Social stability and calm。
Having supernatural powers is of course the main reason to live a happy little life。
Only secondary disease,Only think about how to save the world,I am the only one。