‘Now that the sky is not seen clamoring about gender equality,How come this time,I have to mention that I have to let female teammates?’

Set a small goal first,such as1Seconds to remember:Book guest house
Three hundred and sixty chapters Where is more dangerous
When they are discussing,The audience from the outer planet was also excited。
‘what,Is the earth divided into men and women??This is really amazing,We all split and replicate ourselves,You can also adjust the appearance and characteristics of the split new body according to your preferences。’
‘what?Are there only two sexes??ABO’S world is totally incomprehensible?’
‘It seems that only women have the power to breed?Then you will be maleOWith femaleOIs the status of?’
Dear,Thousands of weird races,In their eyes, the earth is the strange one。
Just this question,The topic is off。
When everyone comes out from the live broadcast room,But found,Mai Fan has reached the edge of the chaotic zone。
This is really an area where refuge is indulged。
It stands against the edge of the refuge,Only the periphery can see the chaos。
No one is patrolling here,No one will set up a checkpoint here。
Mai Fan found,Creatures wandering here,As if it’s not like these display species,This is the first time I came here。
These people who are in the chaotic area,It seems to have lived in the refuge for a long time。
The eyes of those creatures,Or the way of spying,They are all different from the new creatures。
This feeling is so vigilant and resistant。
As if their newcomers are coming,Is the most troublesome in this trading area。