Since getting small,He accidentally learned the heart of the girl next to him,But he couldn’t respond。

So when he changed back to Kudo Shinichi,Naturally cherish all this。
Fortunately,Today is the first day after the school festival ends,Although it was cleaning the endgame of the school festival before,But also a lot of time to get along。
At least than wasting most of the time in class,Only those ten minutes of get out of class time are better to get along。
Although Kudo Shinichi’s sudden appearance surprised many people,But because it’s not in the auditorium of the school festival performance,So basically it didn’t cause much commotion。
Back to the class again,Friends gathered around,Makes him feel like a world away。
“just came back,Husband and wife come to class together,It’s so affectionate~”
“idiot,Not at all!”Kudo Shinichi turned his face aside,Tsundere retorted。
“Hehe,I tell you,Someone found me yesterday,Temporarily replaced“black Knight”What about the role of。”Yuanzi glanced at someone with a smirk and said:“Pity,Finally someone backed down,Changed my script without authorization。”
“There’s this thing,I really didn’t know when I watched the show yesterday~”
“what a pity,We still want to see the original script in the garden~”
“Hey!I just think it would be nice to leave some reverie on the last scene。”Kudo Shinichi heard everyone’s ridicule“Frustrated”Tao:“And on that occasion,how is this possible…”
“what,Is this shy??”Sonoko interrupted Kudo Shinichi’s rebuttal,Glancing at the opponent,The expression gradually narrows。