Degree of completion:good

【Congratulations to the host for acquiring investigative science(1year)skill】
Evaluation:There is an ending that will never change without you,It’s great to have such a reward for a call。
The reward is not bad,It’s really like the note says,Can get a year’s reward instead of fate points,It’s actually pretty good,Tang Ze thinks it’s because of more people involved。
After all, I really made a call with spoilers…
Hey,The life of Guaibi is so boring and boring…
Hung up,Tang Ze turned and walked into the restaurant。
“Why are you here?”Ayako couldn’t help but be surprised when she saw Tang Ze enter:“Not over there…”
Tang Ze took Ayako’s hand and smiled:“Of course it is solved,Let’s go,I will go shopping with you。”
“solved!?”Ayako was pulled up by Tang Ze,But his face couldn’t stop surprised:“So fast。”
“Of course,Didn’t I say that I will try my best,So as not to delay the date。”
Tang Ze smiled and pulled the shy Ayako,In Xingping、Erina’s narrow smile said goodbye to the two,I went shopping with Ayako。
Hidden merit and fame!
In the boiling stadium。