“Basically it will be delivered after six o’clock。”Shibata Kyoko thought for a while and replied。

“Say so…”Henggou feels his chin after hearing the words:Mr. Shibata should wake up after six o’clock,I was eating after taking the morning paper,Was killed by a prisoner who came to visit。
This judgment is naturally drawn from the half-eaten cold meal on the table。
But Tang Ze doesn’t think this information,Can be trusted 100%。
There are more people using evidence to create an alibi,Everything still has to wait for your own judgment。
But before this,Tang Ze pulled Conan to the side and whispered。
“You said let Uncle Maori appear this time?”Conan heard Tang Ze’s words strangely:“Why do you do this?I don’t need you to be there, right??”
“Henggou Sanyou seems to be a fan of Maori detectives, right?,If you don’t perform well, the image of Uncle Maori can’t be maintained.。”
Tang Ze smiled and spread his hand:“And it’s not convenient for my identity to show up too much in Shizuoka,And more importantly…”
First248chapter Hide behind the scenes
“Well…What you said really makes sense。”
In a hidden corner of the room,Heard what Tang Ze said,Conan nodded in agreement,“indeed,If every time you are there,Uncle Maori didn’t fall asleep,There is no chance of performance,It’s really easy to be suspected。”