“This is really dangerous,Conan,Don’t be so messy next time。”Tang Ze takes out the handcuffs,Arrest Abetoyo,Smiling and looking at the panned drum washing machine。

“Tang Ze Criminal!you…Why are you here…Do not,when did you come?”How can Conan look calmly reasoning before now?,Stammering question。
“Have been there since the beginning。”Tang Ze took a breath,Pulled Abe Feng from the ground,Calmed down for a while。
to be frank,This is the first time he has fought with someone as an adult,And the opponent is still a murderer,Although there is systematic training on how to subdue prisoners,But it was useless just now。
Working,It’s exactly the wild way in high school when young and frivolous fights,Kick behind is a sneak attack,Then that slap is“Soft control”,Can make people confused quickly。
Knee jerkKEach other’s belly,Is a key blow to make the opponent lose the ability to fight back。
Moves that have been systematically trained before employment…Totally useless…
After realizing this,Tang Ze is already determined to strengthen his combat power。
Kyokoku Jin is officially rated as the highest combat power“specialA”No need to think,Tou Amuro and Hideichi Akai are as powerful as official“A”The same for level。
Was rated“B”Xiaolan、And leaves…
Cough,Forget it,We skip these perverts,Tang Ze thinks he has to achieve“C”level,Dealing with two or three people is not a problem, right?。
otherwise,In this world that has evolved into an action movie year by year,Tang Ze feels that his life is not guaranteed at any time…
Looking at Tang Ze, who looked down at him in thought,Conan mistakenly thought that Tang Ze was thinking about his own problems,I couldn’t help but panic for a while。
Want to make excuses,But don’t know how to explain,Anxious like an ant on a hot pan。