“Know it…”Xiaolan saw her father’s courtesy,Replied with a drooping face。

“Started again…”Conan and Tang Ze looked at each other,Speechless。
I look like a wretched uncle when I see beautiful women,It’s really a disadvantage。
But there is a client,The two did not demolish Mouri Kogoro’s station,Tang Ze is also waiting for the other party to explain the situation,Want to see if it will trigger the case。
Although it is very unlucky,It means someone died again,but…
This is the daily life of the Maori family!!
After some explanation from the client,Everyone can be regarded as knowing the ins and outs of the matter。
“so,What you are looking for is someone from your middle school period?”Entered the topic,Kogoro Mori also looks like a job。“Yes,We belonged to the Kendo Club at the time。”Chi Bo Jinghua nodded and said。
“if it is like this,The graduation book should have the address of the other party?”Kogoro Mori frowned.:“Is the address invalid??”
“Yep,But so。”Chi Bo Jinghua coughed twice,Somewhat distressed:“He happened to be moving before graduation,So no address at all。”
While talking,Chi Bo Jinghua searched for her handbag,Took out a photo,“This is a photo from that year,I want to find the one with the championship trophy in the middle。”
Chi Bo Jinghua pointed to the boy in the middle of the photo:“His name is Shibata Shiro。”
“That stands on his left,Is the girl with a ponytail…”Mouri Kogoro points to a girl on the side,Not sure。
“Hi,That’s me,A little embarrassed,It’s been thirty years…”
“The past thirty years!?Are you in your forties now?”After a brief shock, Mouri Kogoro,Even if it is a burst of ecstasy。
First245chapter Missing people【happy Birthday to me~】
When I learned that this beauty was actually the same age as myself,Kogoro Mori fell into ecstasy。