Looking at the stone wall of this mountainous area,His hand pinch,A sword light is coming out,It’s like breaking through the clouds.。

A large word is facing on the boulder。
Ocean sprinkle 30,000 words,Aesthetic,The 30,000 words correspond to the drawback of Tang Meilu,With this。
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Tang Mengluo looks at the ancient characters on the stone wall.,Her figure came to the stone wall,Like it is the same as a goddess,Clothes,Beautiful scorpion looks at the god。
“I can help you only so much.,But I believe that you will be successful.。”
Lin Feng looked at Tang Mengo’s figure muttered,From essential, he and Tang Mengluo are a class of people.。
Two people want to get out of a new road.,Create a new power。
“Thanks Lin brothers。”Tang Mengluo hears a laughter:“Lin Xion’s repair,know,Let Messon。”
“If there is a chance,Can go to Bozi, learning,I think this has a huge help for you to create a new military road.。”Lin Feng patient explanation:“Pioneer,tolerate。”
“Lin brother,I will go。”Tang Mengluo laughs。
“it is good,Welcome,Xiao Yao also miss you very much.,Remember certain to come。”Lin Feng is so fast laughing:“All right,Miss Miss,I should also handle some things.,You create a new military road,I am afraid that I can’t rebirth.,I have prepared a Phoenix’s true blood.。”
Don’t wait for Tang Dream to talk,His figure is in the empty,Soon disappeared。
Tang Mengluo looks at Lin Feng disappeared for a long time,Then turned to the depths of Wushan disappeared。
Wind star。
Three flavor。
That Phoenix body suddenly broke out the horror,Like a resurrection,Rays cover this three-flavored area,The boundless breath swept this sky。
Ghost27At the end of the stairs,A golden big python disc in the door of the ghost king,He suddenly opened his eyes.,Double eyes sharp,Staring at a way in the distance:“Live!”
“Nirvana is successful,Lin Big!”
Crouch on the right side of the golden big puppet,The white tiger has emerged in an earth-shattering breath.,It is a tiger king,Tiger king opened,Out of the deterrent rays。
“Successful。”Tiger King also spit out a few words。
The body of the evil turtles in the distance also shaken,open one’s eyes,Right to look at the distance,Its body floats in void,Spit out a few words:“In the past。”
The golden big python and the tiger king two guys heard a slight nod,The three guys are in the figure,Directly came to the incarnation of the Phoenix Phoenix,The life of this phoenix is like a smog sea.。
“Let’s go back。”
Lin Fengfeng’s incarnation spit a few words。
“Successful?”Golden big python spit out a few words。
“Successful。”Lin Fengfeng’s incarnation spit a few words。
“it is good,it is good,it is good!”Golden Big Pyra:“Half-step nine days?Still nine heavy days?”Semi-step nine days,Nirvana rebirth。
And the nine days is the realm of half a step after nine heavens。
Although it is half a step,But this half step is like a french.,It is difficult to cross over a short time。
Of course, there is also a thick,The thrilling strongman directly nirvan,One drum is hit to the nine heaven。
The shallow people can only rebirth from Nirvana,I want to enter the nine heavens,Must have a hard time for more than ten years。
If it is a person who is damaged in the middle of the neighborhood,That wants to hit the nine days,It is even more difficult,Unless there is a big championship,Square can be impacted in a short time to nine heavy days。