No. 18 is really poor,Although it is determined to have a relationship with night,But they haven’t got married yet.,In this way, it is wasting the youth of five years.”

“But compared to the 18th,I am not going to,When Wukong just left,I am pregnant.。
This child is from home until five years old.,I actually saw his father for the first time.,Such a father is simply a sense of responsibility!”
It seems to say that it is the pain,Kiki hugged awareness,I started to cry again.,I am sorry to make Sun Wukong face.。
“Kiki I didn’t apologize before I??And ribs on the big royal family are too strong??
Originally, I wanted to cultivate a year or two.,Who knows that I have forgotten the time,So will it go back until now?。”
I heard the excuse of Wukong,Kiki with no goodness,Bamma is also hand-facing,A slap in the face。
Her husband is also a Saiyan,And still the so-called prince。
Originally, I learned that Sun Wukong went to the big trip to practice.,In order not to lose to Kartrot,He also wanted to go to the master of Wang Xingxing.。
But this time Bamma suddenly pregnant with the second child.,So I can only be forced to stay in my home.。
And after Pula is born,Bergiita is a daughter,Big Territory is finally uncomfortable.。
But it is so,Berga starts to practice at home with two-thirds of time,So Kiki’s mood,Bamma is understandable。
You think that Bergi Tower is two-thirds of time for cultivation,Is the remaining one-third of time??
Do not,I really think too much.,Remove the rest time,Left one-third of the time,Bergiita at least five times is concerned about daughter Pula。
One-sixth of the remaining is that Bamma is talked from Tex.,But even so,It is also much better than Qiqi than the 18th.。
In summary,Can make a presentation,These pure blood of these pure bloods are slag men.,And the Employees of the 18th,Not other women,It is called one“Cultivate”Thing。
“Even if the night is not,The 18th should also come over.,I thought it was because the Shalu competition was previously,Everyone is a friend.。”
Kelin actually wants to apologize for the previous things.,But I have never encountered the 18th.。
Yamu Tea has also ridiculed Kark Road several times.,Night is not married to the 18th,He actually has a chance。
But only Bamar knows,Although the night is not completely determined from the 18th,But Clin is definitely no play.,At this point, she has an absolute say as a woman.。
After all, in the eyes of the 18th,Now it is probably only one person left.,As for these nights, the so-called friends,Eightyes or even too much contact。
If it is before,The 18th will probably be motivated because of the game awards held by Bama,But now she,Although it is not a friend,But it is also a small rich woman.。
First of all, because the night is not there.,So those posters、Derivatives such as hand,The endorsement fee entered her pocket。
And as a help of Satan concealing strength,Borrow, the name of the night, rooking,Nonsence,Attend various activities everywhere,There is also a discipline,There are quite a large part of sending to the 18th.。
This is why Satan is getting bigger,But one of the reasons why they have not blown。
Now the cost of recruiting apprentices in Satan Wushu has reached the price.,But the registered people are still endless。
Nothing is not the name of Satan,And think that he has a virtual name,And want to challenge him。
And these challengers,The dish was solved by Satan.,Strong, is all solved by the 18th.。
to this end,On the 18th, the special Baimma made a war detector for Satan.,Once you have a strong challenger,Satan excuses。
Anyway, this set of roads now he has already played well.,And the 18th will take a lot of benefits,Nature is also quite willing to help people。
Chapter 869 The night is coming back and it’s strong.
“The changes here are great.,Remember that my family should go to this side.……”
Looking at the architecture of the surrounding tall building,Some people come to the streets,Night use transformed into an ordinary person’s appearance,At the moment, I am worried about the map of the hand.。