Not far from the three,Out of thin air is a big black hole,Chen Dayuan came out from inside。

At first glance, I saw Chen Xiu in the trial ground of the second level.,Chen Dayuan flew over immediately,Mention of palm,Slap!
Seemingly casual palm,But the hand of the first-class master,The power is amazing。
Take the lead,Chen Xiu felt like he was in a violent sea,That rush of innocence,Like an invisible monster,Can tear him to pieces at any time。
Chen Xiu can’t think about it,Yelled,The nine-ring sword in his hand cut out like lightning,Sword play“Promise Sword Array”,I just feel like there are thousands of long swords covering his whole body。
“So smart sword formation!”
It is the first time that Liu Dunyue saw the Promise Sword Array and was amazed,I think that if you are in this sword formation, you can only use the sword formation to pushiSlow in this,Just turned and escaped,No other way,With emotion in my heart:“Fortunately Chen Dayuan is here,Otherwise I’m really not the enemy of the two of them!”
Chen Dayuan’s strength in the air,Really tyrannical to the extreme,Crush the sword net under Chen Xiu’s sword formation in just one click,Knocked Chen Xiu down ten feet。
But Chen Xiu’s sharp knife,But also successfully split the palm power of the first-class masters in half.,Avoided the fate of being torn to pieces by Zenith。
Seeing Chen Xiu took a palm of his own,Chen Dayuan’s face showed a look of surprise,If the last time I played against, it was because I was not really angry,Let Chen Xiu take advantage,This time he is full of energy,Said sharply:“Kid you are very nice。A mere second-rate Dzogchen level,I was able to take a palm!but,You still have to die,I let you know the real gap between the second-rate master and the first-rate master!”
Chen Dayuan’s five fingers bent slightly into claws,A black air turns into a giant dragon catch,The giant claw volleyed,Heavy down towards Chen Xiuyin。When the big claws are grabbing,The strong wind rushing out seemed to have taken Chen Xiu’s breath away,The momentum is like a mountain pressing the top。