“no,I can’t do this now.。”

“All in all, no matter how,This account,Let’s follow,Just make it clear about you.!”
When Shao Tian’s words exported,The more like this,More to let those people around,It is more anger。
And with these people arrive quickly,At this time, these Shaojia’s guards,The more you look, the more you are angry.。
“all in all,What to do with them nonsense,Hurry to protect the owner。”
“This is of course,otherwise,He is not thinking,Be very powerful?”
“Don’t tangle them so much.,Let’s go together,They must die without doubt。”
slowly,With these people,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to say this。
obviously,This kind of thing is next,How to do it in the end。
Other things,In fact, now,But there is nothing。
And tap these,At this time, Lei Tianming is helplessly shakes his head.。
“Ugh,You said you,Why is it so obsessed??”
“Even now, now you,It is also yourself,It’s too much to take it.。”
When Lei Tianming said to this,The more like this,It is more harmed to let those people around you, the more you are angry.。
As for the next thing,I plan to start working from what is going on.。
In fact, they look at them.,It is more understandable than anyone.。
slowly,That’s worth,Thundermate at this time,It is completely unsatisfactory.。
After a while,Lei Tianming laughed。
“Shaojia master,I can only say goodbye to you.。”
Finish,Lei Tianming directly shot,Shao Tianyi is directly dropped。
Other Shaojia Guard,When I saw it here,It is completely stupid.。
These people as God sword,When I saw it here,It’s not forgotten here.。
“In fact, now they are like this,What can I toss??”
“Yes,Who said is not?,What do you do now??”
“all in all,Now,think carefully,In fact, these things are currently,Reverse is not particularly important。”
It is in front of him.,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to speak on your eyes。
The more like this,In fact, relative to others。
At this time, Tei Tianming,It is put a swing。
“Well,Now,Solve them all。”
Anyway, these,Not especially important at all,Even if it is now solved。
In fact, in the strict sense,Not what is nothing?。
Shaojia’s guard,Originally, I have been going to stand directly.。
but now,When I heard this。
no doubt,In fact, these people look,They are also fully understood.。
“These guys,Is it worthwhile to give us a lot of live roads.。”