I am in the 30th year of Qi Zhuang.

Chapter 141 Yu Jianfei
Lin rang on the way back to Changmen,It happened to see the city and water of Lingschuan and Lishui two in Lingchuan and Lishui.。
It’s not compassionate,These four have seen the forest,Waiting for the way。
“Four digits,Well。”
“Yin god big flag opened,US,We are four。”
“Slowly。See you,I know how to return to the city and water junming of the Qing Shangxian County.。”
After interrupting their words,That is free to stand on them。
now,These four hearts like Wan Ma Pentium。
The corpse on the wooden cow is familiar with it.。
One person,Wei Feng, Tibetan Tibetan Head。
Now become a body,I don’t know what Lin racks takes away.。
But there is no good thing.。
Lingchuan City is afraid that Lin is suddenly opened to kill him.,Bite the bite,Say:
“We are willing to go to Qingxian County to do the city。”
“good。Let the city order change now.!”
Lingchuan City is hurried to take the city order to hand over the Qing Shang County。
Some of Qing and Tong County, there is some idea。
Forest sound opening:
“Change it!”
The original two Qingxian County, the city, the city, and the Shujun became a city of Lingschuan and the water。
The style is immediately improved, more than a star。
Lin responded to the sun and the water:
“You have a hundred years of merits of merits and the gods。”
Where do they dare to resist?。
The scene of Lin Xi Mountain They saw clearly。
Also in the eye。
Lin rang is too lazy to be with them,With the new Lingchuan City and the Shujun returned to Changmen,He asked surprised:
“Why don’t you go??If it is afraid,Don’t worry at all。Hazard,Canady merit,Please go to you.。”
“We are willing to serve the gods in the Yinzhen Temple.。”
Lin ring,Laugh:
“Blessing one is your responsibility,And you have also seen it.,I left so many people.,Can’t do it,Let’s go back!”
Chenghuang and Shujun,Hands with respect,Be careful from the temple。
When they walk,Lin responded to the body of the Tibetan Tibetan,Immediately closed the temple door to start the corpse。
Take off the footwear,Ignite two fragrant,Plug in the feet separately。
Start from your legs。