Du Wei was blocking a breath on the side.。

She is very rushing:“Blue Director,what do you mean?”
Blue Xin holds information in your hand,Looked at her,“Du,No other meaning,Just you don’t want to do it.,I can’t force you don’t want to do something.。
Moreover,I can’t take the time for you to go down on the new product on the market because you can’t explain it.?
You are not God,Such an important thing,I don’t dare to press you.,You are busy with you.。”
Blue Xin finished,But the opportunity to speak Du,Looking at Joe Yiyi:“correct,You will confirm the Yang Shu’s trip.,Give Mu total to make a call,There is a packaging design team that is familiar with Yang Su Yu.,Let them go to this side first,Arrangement is the room that is useless ten floor.。”
“it is good!”
Joe nodded。
Blue Xinzhu,Regardless of Du Weiyan’s face,Never a good face?,She will not delay the time because she doesn’t do it.。
She wants Lu Hao to recognize,That is her thing,But this piece is her responsibility.,Her heart,Will not press a negative emotional person。
The time of the new product, she and Lu Hao Cheng have been set.,But only she and Lu Haozheng know,The company is ready for everything.,Ready,Temporary notice,Give the other person a mesener。
Du Wei knows,Lu Hao Cheng knows this matter,Everyone agreed,Only she holds an objection,And the reason that she opposed also can’t stand the foot,Lu Haocheng will not lightly raise her.。
How can things become like this?,Blue Xin’s decisive and willing to pay,It’s not a matter of somewors.。
“Blue Director,please wait a while!”
Du Wei, took the road to Blue Xin.。
Her way:“Blue Director……”Blue Xin is cold and cutting her words.,Watching her eyes,“Step aside,I don’t have time to argue with you, you are willing to be unwilling.,As a member of the Lu Group,You should understand your location,I should also understand who your practice is difficult.,I am so kind,But will not be good for anyone,Especially work,This is a critical moment,You don’t care about the overall situation,When you push three blocks, it is difficult for me.,Don’t you find a good reason for yourself??”
“Our company new listing is,Everyone is doing every effort to sit down.,You jump out to sing a wild play,You like,Then sing well。”
Blue Xin finished,I saw a stunned Du Wei Yan,Leave away。
Back to the office,Blue Hin has some angry to put the information on his desk。
She is not light,The lower lips were bitten by her.,Give yourself a cup of cool water.,I still feel that I am very angry.。
She returns to her desk,Looked at a time,Lu Haocheng is almost the airport at this time.。
She picked up the phone,Lu Hao Cheng’s phone。
“Hey!Wife,I just got off the plane,Before you want to call you peace??”
Lu Hao Cheng Yue Section。
Blue Xin laughs,“That’s good,Take a good time。”
But how is your tone?,Are you not happy?
I still miss me.。”
Lu Haocheng is quite a little evil voice with a little 纨绔。
Blue Xin smile low,Laugh:“no,That is something today.,correct,I just want to tell you.,I have already selected my spokesperson.,Newcomer,Miss Yang Shuyu,I have already determined it.。”
“well,Wife,You are sure it is fine.,I have always believed that your ability and vision will not let me be a little disappointed.,I thought you called because I miss me.,I miss you very much.。”
Lu Haochong sound is full of unhappy。