“Not normal people,You understand that you have a wonderful person.。”
Odd person!
Long five eyes,He has seen people who have seen the big world,I know that this world is very deep.,Universiade is not in a small number,Not as seen in the eyes of ordinary people。
I really have this kind of person,Medical and high-income dementia is not difficult,and
Gun injury is not reduced,What is his own?,Legs are second,Key to arms,It will also leave disability will be left.,Severely affecting the reaction rate。
He is eating on the gun,A little one,It is equal to a book.。
The cost of spend is going to cure!
“I listen to Longjiu mentioned you.,If you don’t make a mistake,You call Ajie,Right?”
Liao Jie reply,Long Wu continued:“Find someone,Treat me and high progress,After the event,I give you five million。”
Do you have so much money??
Liao Jie sighed into the backview,The eyes convey the doubts,Not he does not believe
Ok,He is so lost,Empty mouth no painting,At least set an agreement。
“He has。”
Read Liao Jie’s eyes,Dragon five black face toward high into nuni。
in addition,He will tell Longjiu this matter。
“no problem,The name of the gambling god is far from 5 million.,I am calling now.”
Liao Jie touches the big brother in the exit bag,Press the next series,When you call, open the door to see the mountain.:“Lyon,Where are you??”
“at home。”
“You are discharged?”
Liao Jie wrote,Lyon’s home is nothing more than mental hospitals,But he remembers that this is not long for the opening.。
“Doctor technology is too bad,I am looking for a electric iron.”
“Don’t talk nonsense,You don’t want to move,I have been looking for you。”
Liao Jie speaks simple:“I have two injured people who need first aid.,One of the brains were stupid,I don’t try to find someone else.,Only you can cure。”
“No bar,Ager,I am not the Kaifeng Hall.。”
“do not do that,Be a person!”
“Ager,This is not the problem of oneself,I am very principled this person.,I have dawn”
“After the event,I give you 50,000 blocks.。”
“make a deal!”
hang up the phone,Liao Jie turns a smile:“Brother,Fortunately,There agreed there。”
Dragon five:“”
50,000 pieces of high people,Why is it so unreliable?!
Besides,Liao Jie transferred to the shameless face of 495,000,He will also tell Longjiu truthfully。
“correct,Brother,I have a problem here.。”
Liao Jie said:“This is so big in the mall today.,Plus my colleagues will definitely alarm,When the police asked me,I should not give you and high progress.?”
do not worry,After seeing a high person,I will put you out.。
Dragon is out of mouth,Aperture:“Give me big brother,I called a phone call.。”
Liao Jie passed the big brother,Dragon Five Dials a number,A few times,Directly hang up。
“Be,Today’s shopping mall,Police will not find you,What did you have any questions??”