“could not find it,The monster seemed to disappear suddenly,Maybe I ran away long ago……”

Jingpu nodded slightly,Let go,No matter what,Just leave the monster,In this case,So you don’t have to worry about it。
Looking at the white rabbit in Lingju’s arms,Jingpu is the curious way:
“this is?”
Speaking of this rabbit,Lingju smiled sweetly and handed it to Jingpu.:
“Found on the way back,Trapped by a hunter’s clip,See it cute,I took it back。”
After Jingpu took the rabbit,Look carefully up and down,Nodded seriously:
“Injured leg,This rabbit is good。”
Lingju smiled,Just wanted to say when talking。
Jingpu Road:“A lot of meat,Spicy should be delicious。”
Looking at Lingju’s astonished look,Jingpu smiled,Return this rabbit to Lingju Road:
“Just kidding,How could it really be eaten,Give it some medicine when you go back,Keep it。”