The issue is,Her spiritual position is here!

Died a long time ago。
Is it possible that Li Yunzi has any psychic spells??
“Hey,Your dying daughter……Why did you sleep drunk,Are you paying homage to your dead wife and daughter like this?!”Zhu Minglang looked back at Li Ying,Roll your eyes suddenly。
This spiritual position,Is it fake。
The prophet named Xinghua is not dead,Hiding somewhere for some reason??
Does Li Ying know that her daughter is still alive?。
“Nan Yu Suo……”Zhu Minglang soon noticed another spiritual position,Almost put together with the spiritual position painted by Li Xing。
Li Ying said just now that he died of two younger daughters,So it’s them。
Is it because the deaths of Li Xinghua and Nan Yusuo are not frail,Who actually killed him。
And the biological mother of Lai Yunzi and Nan Lingsha,I was overwhelmed and died that day,It was indirectly killed。
Did Kong Tong do it??
Li Ying never knew,Lai Yunzi was aware,So Yunzi’s relationship with her father has been very bad。
Or,Li Yunzi saved her sister Xinghua,But my mother and Nan Yusuo were murdered,I know I’m too young,The enemy is strong,Li Yunzi can only hide the star painting。
Except Kong Tong,And Nan Tai Gong??
Otherwise, why would Tai Gong Nan attack Li Yunzi?,Even if it’s to enjoy a century of holy dew,And the hatred will not be too big to die。
All these years,Li Yunzi and Nan Lingsha have been forbearing,Just to keep waiting for the opportunity,Behead all these former murderers!