He Lijia two daughters entered a big,Sharing people lost to the ancestral。

Household low head,I don’t dare to refute his words.。
Li Tingby knows the temper of the housekeeper,Didn’t say something more。
“go,Let Lu Haoheng roll back,Let him wait here to wait,Waiting for me, I will see him again.。”Li Tingyuan walks in the second floor。
After a few minutes,Lu Haocheng under the leader of the housekeeper,With European,The Journey came in。
“Several,Please wait a moment here,My grandfather is still a bit handling,After the treatment, I will see you.。”His grandfather wants to take Qiao,He is not good to say anything.。
Lu Haocheng doesn’t mind,Sitting unhappy is waiting on the sofa waiting。
The housekeeper made the servant after giving three people on the tea.,Also went on the second floor。
Oujing 尧 开 开:“It seems that he wants to give you a Mawei.。”
“Lumen!”Lu Haoge disdains a few words,Not talking。
The best journey is the most relaxed,Wonderful villas with luxurious villas,Even the decoration on the stairs handrail is made by pure gold.。
Living here is like living in the palace。
but,Everyone lives in this,It is estimated that the days are not particularly good.,This Lejia,Water deep。
Ou Jing, take out the mobile phone,The Journey is a meeting.,I am also bored to take out my mobile phone.。
In the last Lu Hao, I took out my mobile phone and Blue Xin chat.,When you are fine, you are more interesting.。
Lu Haocheng patients have been patient after half an hour.。
Li Tingyuan is slow from the second floor.,He is watching Lu Haozheng,Handmade suit,Show his perfect figure,White handsome upright,Especially the pair of black eyes,Have a cold and cold,Both the eyes are even worse.。
Looking at Lu Hao Cheng, like this,His majesty face,Converge all emotions。
“Continental,Long-term name,I am trying to find Lu Guan talking.,I didn’t expect Lu, but I personally came to my door.,Exactly, I have to save me.。”Li Ting Yicheng is full of gas,Echo。
Lu Haocheng looked at him.。
“I don’t know what to find me.?”He is very cold,With obvious hostility。
Li Tingyuan’s gaze fell on his cold ice face,Of the heart of the heart,Now the daughter’s fate is in his hands,He is temporarily endured。
“Continental,Ya Ya is a misunderstanding,I solemnly ask you,Undo lawsuit against Ya Ya,What are your requirements?,We can satisfy you.。”Li Tingyuan is going back to a step,Other things from long。
“hehe……”Lu Haocheng looked at him。
“Chairman Li,unambiguous evidence,How can it be misunderstood??”He contains too much meaning in this.,Li Tingyuan heard clear white,Simple meaning,This thing has not discussed。
The anger of his heart is suppressed,Almost broke out。
Lu Haocheng did not plan to treat Lejia,This time,His survey,Lejia,Early insight。
Know thyself, ever-victorious!
He is not doing and doing it here.,Instead, I want to discuss a fair for his wife.,Lejia,I owe his wife an apology。
“The continent is also true.,This royal city,I don’t dare to ask Lu Group’s case.,Lu, this is what you want to let my daughter break the good youth??Girl playing trouble,Losing an inch is also a feeling,Why do you have to force people on the dead road??”
Since talking,Then take things to the way。