“you do this delibrately。”
Advisor Zhan slowly asked,Toned,“I didn’t have this time before.,Multi-leaving is good to obey,Now this is deliberately playing me.?”
Yan Zhi looked at him:“When entering the demon,Not you let me save power,Don’t say sweet words??”
Consultant“I said this.”Incredible,Height,He remembered that this scene did have happened.,Immediately more:“……so what,You are going to do it.?”
枝 无 road 道:“I am not waiting for you.。”
Advisor is negative:“Cleaning is more,In addition, do you still do it??”
Yan Zhi seriously thinks,道:“Awkward,Hear。”
Advisor is that Yan Zhi is simply in and his own,It is specially since looking for itself from the search.。
He is implied that it is obvious.!
Turbidity,Advisor recovered the precise look:
“Since you have a heart,That’s the night outside the temple.。”
Dot,Don’t hesitate to go outside。
Consultant’s dedication,Suddenly don’t understand who is tossing under this passage。
The devil is overcast during the day.,It’s only darker at night.,Many horror added『color』color,The wind of the house number of the house is like a voice of people.。
枝 到 门 门 门 门,Estimation is estimated to hear this sound。
Self-entertainment is taking the tone through this strange voice.,The heart has become a tune,I don’t know behind the one.,Someone is watching the figure falling on the window。
Consultant’s arms in the house,Tough is hard to open,Silhouette soon returned to the window again。
He thought that branches said soft words for a time.,Bestir,It is a hurry to stand in the style of a flower, like a flower, a warm sound,Even if you know how often you want to draw a time,He can’t really feel the heart.。
I don’t know if this is a shove.,Change the number of passes,Let the advisory are a little catching『touch』well。
The sky is not dark,Advisor is in the reaction,Who knows that it is really shot in the door.。
Consultant Yuan really doesn’t know that 枝 This is to pinch him to see him too gentle and try his bottom line.,Still really being embedded, only dare to poke it.,Irritable to the vertices,His palm,A 黑 气 顺。
Last time,A long-haired man appeared outside the door,But not consultant,But it is owed to Yan Zhi.:“girl,I take you to the residence.。”
Yan Zhi did not move immediately:“Do I take??”
Men’s Dao Zong:“I appear here.,You are going。”
If you think about it, you will see it.,As this man went to another palace,Passing the neat room,ask:“Here is what?”
The man is not too avoiding:“Yes『Medicine』Teacher’s side。”
Branch point。
Originally, I used to use the side of the people.,Look at the demon loves and others are too far away from too much。This is not the main part of the original,Therefore, it is very little。
The man receives a palace that is slightly lower than the moon.,Push up,Inside something is available,And from the level of fineness, it is known to be extravagant。
Before Ren Dynasty is estimated to be a happy,It is not as special as a person who is a tired of consulting.。
Yan Zhi asked the daily business of the demon,The man seems to be a bit hesitant.,Still told。
“Thank you。”
There is a number in 枝 心。
Really save『touch』Candidate,But no consultant is very serious,It is just a stable,Inversely, the emotion of consultant is dramatic.,I am sent to my hands.。