“Don’t say this。”

“Come again.,Teacher Zhou came again.”槐 序 边,I quickly filter out his words。
At this time, Nan Ge on the side put forward a relatively practical opinion.:“In fact, I think you can go to the small kindergarten.,You have more art,Can teach them to sing dancing,Painted piano,You can also make it into a piece。Ordinary kindergarten does not need to teach what class,Parents just lose their children http://www.bmhotels.cn to let others take their headaches.,You will definitely be a good king, but it seems to get a certificate.?”
Zhou Zhi just wants to praise this idea of Nan Ge,Just listening to Nan Ge added:“You can also teach them to fight against you.!”
“Don’t teach children to die.”
“This is very important!”
“You do not understand!This will make them less bullied,Leverage earnings continued to high school!”
“Strong words”
When they debate each other,The stalk is thinking next to it seriously.。
I have asked what I want to do after I graduated from the University.,In fact, asked this question, representing him, I also thought about what I did.,But didn’t think about what results at the time?。
This is an old monster who is worried.。
Listening to Nan Ge now,He really feels feasible。
Thinking for a long time,The old monster reluctant:“I can also!”
Sitting in a little a little one, the group turned to see them,I have an question mark on my brain.,I don’t know what they are talking about.,How sad is so happy,But she can’t understand,So soon, I will play my own tail.。
The time of the afternoon swayed,Soon。
in conclusion,Probiless 50 yuan,I went to eat a pot of meat at night.,I spent more than 300。
Fortunately, the process is still pleasant。
Zhou received Yin Le’s news,Is a voice message。
Put in the ear,Click。
Just listen to Yin Le said:“The Ministry of Tianshi in our country officially established tomorrow.,Named the Tianshi Department,Other are not appropriate。Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has formed a http://www.sister365.cn special memorandum.,Prepare conversation with the country,If it goes well,In the future, they will be designed with several demon countries to contact the first dialogue to start preparing.。”
Zhou also sent a voice:“I start talking。”
call out
Sent successfully。
Then get the phone to the ear,Listen again。
Some of the sounds he talking to him is somewhat different.,It seems to be better to listen to some,Mandarin is also very standard。
Zhouzhi is very satisfied。
The first dialogue between the two parties,Unless there have been more frequent contact,Otherwise there is still a middle person to be better.。
Yin Le contacts the demon definitely more than Zhou,But Zhouzhi does not think he has more than knowing yourself.。Especially the big demon,Or demon country power class。to be honest,Yin Le has been in http://www.sytkyl.cn contact with the demon in the demon.,Conversion to human beings is probably some of the hooligans or social staff,Those demon in the demon will not be idle, don’t do this, is born.,Even,Will not go to the horse personally。
So Zhou feels that you are more suitable than him.。
And if you let Yin Le come to Zhang Luo this dialogue,They can only start from the land,Then a layer of laminated,Re-establish contact。