Every one is killing,God cold。

Although these people are the escort of the Flying Snow Chamber of Commerce,It belongs to the law enforcement system of Dongan Star。
This is the characteristics of Dong’an Xing。
Badge wearing every guard,They all indicate that they have law enforcement rights。
simply say,The Flying Snow Chamber of Commerce is the Chamber of Commerce established by Dong’an Xing’s greatest forces.。
See this scene,Summer brows are immediately condensed,I am emerging in the scorpion.。
And Yun Yun this is full of faces,Anger。
In front of such http://www.momobag.cn power,Her all efforts,It’s so pale weakness.。
The other party is just a sentence,I can use all of her.。
“Cut Yun Yun Back,Give the law enforcement。”
Han Xiu Cliff side is satirical,Refers to summer,“Also this person,unknown origins,Identity suspicious,Hands with many secret treasures,Strict investment。”
Fall into the voice,Yun Yun’s look is desperate,Eye is also hole cold。
Summer eyes have been squatting,Cool illness flashes。
Standland,at this time,Yafé beside him jumped up at once,Refers to the nose of Han Xiuya。
“Shameless,It’s just shameless,Be defeated,Big defeat,Miye,Upside down black and white,Forced to catch people,you,Your bastard……Does Dong’an Xing’s law enforcement so??”
Blue scale is also anger,“hateful,Your guy is evil,It’s so embarrassing。”
NS3818chapter Unexpectedly
Han Xiu Cliff brow big wrinkle,Overlooking two teenagers。
Han Ruolin is swearing,“presumptuous,What do you count?,I dare to talk to the Flying Snow Chamber of Commerce.。”
Toned,Also,“uncle,What is the two small people?,It is his apprentice,A grasp。”
“Small man?”
Yafu said with eyes,“You dare to marry, I am a small man.?”
“Ah,Not a small man?……”Han Ruolin,Watching gloomy grievance,“Waiting for you to catch the general meeting,Hehehe,Two little people,Know what you have?……”“I am not killing you an old woman,Mouth is too stinky。”
Yafei’s wow hike,Be so big,She has never been so humiliated。
Also never want to slap alone。
“Bamboo”So she shot。
Several people are even under the situation of seeing,Jumping up is a little smashing。
A crispy response of a diabone。
Yafu is like electricity,Speed is incredible。
Don’t say Han Dynasty Cliff,It’s never been able to stop next to the summer.。
“what……”Han Ruolin screamed,The whole person is flipped by a slap.,People http://www.muyujob.cn roll over half,Then after a heavy heavy, on the wall。
The whole room is slightly trembled,Han Ruolin slipped from the wall。
Her original still beautiful face,At this moment, half face is swollen into a purple gourd.,Outside。