“Hurry down,Dogs can never spit out ivory”

When Wang Youcai heard Meizi say this to his wife,He was a little angry。
Meizi snorted coldly:“Fake serious!Go down”
Wait for Meizi to get off,Wang Youcai hurriedly started the car,Ran towards Dongshan。This is the setting sun。Half of the sun’s face is hung on the top of the mountain,The afterglow of the http://www.xingdajiaju.cn setting sun shines,This scene is so beautiful。
Halfway,Wang Youcai ran into Yao Chunni who was going home。He parked the car,Ran over,Took the shackles off his shoulders,Said a little unhappy:“Who asked you to farm the land?How many times have i said,You just don’t listen”
“Damn!Nothing to do at home。Clean up this place,Isn’t it good to plant some dealers??”
Yao Junni said,Take a peek at Wang Youcai, who is a little angry,Chuckled and got into the car。
When returning home,The sun just set on the top of the mountain。Xiping Village at this time,Drinking cigarettes everywhere,The noise of children in the village comes from time to time,In addition, there was a dog barking or two。
Wang Youcai is standing in the corridor of his hall,Admire this beautiful picture in the evening。A person suddenly appeared in his mind,That’s Zhao Hong。For this woman,And Xia Jian forged a dead Liangzi。But this woman http://www.cchxsgc.cn is too cruel,No one left without getting married。
Wang Youcai knows clearly,Zhao Hong and Xia Jian are already together。He keeps chasing,Actually, I was competing with Xia Jian。Zhao Hong is away,He suddenly felt,Between him and Xia Jian,There is no more contentious。
“Hey!I said why are you in a daze!The food is on the table,Do you want to eat?”
My old mother Chen Yueqin hit Wang Youcai who was in a daze and said。Wang Youcai:“Oh”With a,Hurried back to the house。
The family gathered around the dinner table,While eating,Chatting。Suddenly Wang Degui glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“What do you think now,Are you considering regenerating one?A child will be too lonely in the future”
“Still have to give birth!I am so busy now,Moreover,A child is fine,More births will be trouble in the future。Don’t you know,How much does it cost to bring http://www.shenzhen-jipiao.cn a child now?”
Wang Youcai said,Take a peek at Yao Chunni。
Wang Degui heard what Wang Youcai said,Suddenly his face changed:“You mean you are busier than Xia Jian?It’s not too much to give birth to three,You give birth to one and we take it to you,You still find it troublesome,Then why don’t you become a monk?”
“what did you say?Xia Jian gave birth to three?Hasn’t Ma Yan been born yet??Don’t talk nonsense。If Lao Xia’s family heard it,,People will say that we arrange their home randomly”