Wang Youcai looked at Yao Chunni and winked at him,Put down the chopsticks,Sprint into the house。Picked a few things and carried them out,He put it in front of Li Lanhua and said:“Say if you like it,When I come back into town tomorrow night,I’ll buy you some more”

Although Li Lanhua said no,,But what things did Wang Youcai put in front of him?,Flowers bloomed on her face。She smiled and said:”You really gave me?This will cost a lot of money!“
“Okay aunty。You see I can live in your yard,This shows that we are destined。Say Chen Zhuang Shao said there are more than 20 households, right?!But I didn’t go to anyone。When I entered the city today,Met the village elder’s wife,What she meant is that if your family is not used to living,Let me live with her“Wang Youcai told a lie。
Li Lanhua sneered:“With so many children in her family,Where did you live?She lied to you“
“mom!Aunt Wang is good。If Xiao Wang goes,He will squeeze her grandsons,Didn’t you just squeeze out a room??3,000 yuan a month,Who do you think does not want to earn“Yao Chunni said,Secretly glanced at Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai’s heart is like Mingjing,He knew it was Yao Chunni who was helping him to say something nice,He couldn’t help but feel happy。It seems that his thoughts are not in vain。
at this time,Suddenly footsteps came from the gate,A man’s voice asked:“Are having dinner?”
First1287chapter Ruthless
In the twilight,The figure of a majestic man appeared at the gate of Yao Chunni’s house。
Three people eating,Same surprise。Wang Youcai looked at this man,I faintly felt a trace of invisible pressure in my heart,It feels like some of my good things are going to be taken away by this person。
When this person walked into the yard,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but feel happy,Turns out this guy is lame,I didn’t see it until I got closer,He should be almost forty years old。
“Chen Sanwa!It’s dark and running around?”Li Lanhua frowned,Asked coldly。
This lame man named Chen Sanwa by Li Lanhua,Li Lanhua and Xia Jian are regarded as transparent,As soon as he walked over,Two fascinating eyes have been fixed on Yao Chunni’s chest。
Wang Youcai thought,I am a pervert,I didn’t expect this guy to be better than him,So persevering。Yao Chunni saw that Chen Sanwa didn’t even care about her mother-in-law,Stood up immediately,Asked sharply:“What’s your business?Okay go back!it’s getting dark,Be careful when you walk out of this gate“
Chen Sanwa is just waking up like a dream,He laughed:“A car parked at the entrance of the village,I heard the village chief’s wife said that your family came to kiss Ni,So I’ll take a look“
“My cousin,From the market,Have you finished watching,Leave after watching“Yao Chunni frowned,Said coldly。
Chen Sanwa then looked back at Wang Youcai,He sighed and said:“Chunni!This is your fault。Your cousin is here, you are serving delicious food,But we are still in the same village,I haven’t got a sip of your water for so many years“
“You can leave!Don’t be foolish here。He is our relative,He should be entertained,who are you?Weasel to the rooster,Not good intentions“Li Lanhua said unceremoniously。