When I know is yours,You don’t know how happy I am.,I am happy to tell the world.,I finally found you back.。”

Blue,When can I enter your heart?。
If you remember your childhood,Will we don’t be so difficult??
Lu Haocheng hugs her strength and bigger,I can’t wait to take her into my bones.。
Ambiguous feeling,Let him not let go。
He called her name affectionate,There are countless nights,He is so affectionately shouting her name.,I hope I can see her once.,That kind of thousands of embarrassment,I have http://www.digetongfang.cn never left him。
Blue Xin felt the strength on his arm,I can feel my inner fluctuations.,And his unlimited desire。
“Lu Hao Cheng,Don’t be sad,I am here now.,I will never leave you later.,OK?”
She is not coming to oneself,His helpless,Her distressed。
Lu Haocheng listened to her,Be happy。
He sparely,Looking at the girl’s white neck,There is also the crystal clear earrooping,He is close to a few points,Gently call out a hot gas,Woman’s body,Slight tremble,He smiled satisfied with the lips,“Blue,This is what you said,Never leave me。”
“Um!I said,I have always said that I have a letter.。”
Blue Xin said this time,She is indeed a letter。
“咚”Elevator arrived,Lu Haocheng slowly released Blue Xin。
He still takes her hand to go out.。
The luxury in it,It hasn’t seen it in Lan Xin for a lifetime.,Light golden http://www.isweethome.cn decoration,Under the crystal lamp,It looks more brilliant。
Blue Xin is surprised to look at everything in front of you,It’s really poverty to limit the imagination.。
have to say,Money is warranty。
“Lu Haozheng,Don’t you open this night??”
Blue Xin asked。
Lu Haocheng laughed:“Blue,tonight,here,Just open for you alone。”
Lu Hao’s eyes were deeply gentle and gentle.,Blue,I am not afraid of anything.,Be afraid,I love you so deeply.,I will not remember me.。
Blue Xin is full of gratitude and movement,Looking at the brilliant light,That dazzling handsome,Such a man,How can I not make people feel moving??
Even if she is such a person,All being touched。
“thanks,Thank you all everything,Lu Hao Cheng。”
Blue Xin is gentle and laughs at him,The circle of the circle floating in the heart,Gradually overflowing the bright scorpion。
Lu Haocheng looked quietly with the bright eye overflow,At this moment, it is gentle than any time.。
“Blue 。”
His gentle voice overflows from the throat,Take her into the room。
One-way door,Deluxe private room,A table of rich dinner,Do not,It can be said that it is a lobster feast.,Every taste is different。
Blue Xin looks at the food that you love.,The whole person smiles more bright。
“Wow!I all I like to eat.。”