Summer is not speech,Promotion of the truth,The huge mind also explores it。

After a dozen,He picks up the eyebrows,“It is indeed a half waste,Can so even,This secret treasure has also reached three products,Even higher,How to appear in our second item appraisers?”
Yu Yang stunned,Between the looks,It seems that it is difficult to say。
See him,Summer is now transforming topics,“The array of array is not wrong,Wrong is the fifth mailing node,And materials,There are too many secrets used in this secret treasure.,Although the truth can be strengthened,But also destroyed the balance……”
Yuyang’s eyes are more and more,The expression on the face is getting wonderful。
at the very beginning,He can also understand,But it’s time to go,The brain turns into a lap paste。
“and many more,I am first。”
He stopped summer,Deep breathing,The brow is condensed into a group、
“If you press your improvement,The array is changed.,And there is no mirror as a buffer,Other materials are difficult to integrate.。”
Summer laughing,“Silver,银 沙 炼,Can fully play a joint role,You look like this……”
Speech,He reached out,Mission,Void leaves a trace。
With the outline,In the half air in front of the two,A three-dimensional、Square and complicated array。
“The fifth node can save,We can re-execute this,No need to arrange nine
Array to adjust the flame solvent point……”
After a moment,A array of array,Not only gives people a comparable feeling,There is another simple to ultimate changes.。
“It can be like this,It can be like this……”
Yuyang’s face is full of shock,Eyelid,Fully,“high,It’s too bright.。”
He looks to the summer,“Brother……Do not,You are a big brother,Walk away,I invite you to dinner。”
Proud his half a month upgrade,I have been done by the three words in the summer.。
He determined again,I have encountered a high person.。
“Don’t you have to eat.。”Summer laughs,“Don’t you get it first??”
“Ah,Once you understand the idea,Everything is not a problem,And there is no need to get so fast。”
Yuyang smiled,“You just don’t understand,Waiting for a long time to know,Moreover,You have identified three secret treasures,This is my workload for half a month.。”
Summer is sinking,Nodded,Follow him。
They come, the security。
He doesn’t want to stand alone。
if not,Never have to hide the surname to enter the Dongfeng Damn。
Next,Yuyang took the top ten layers in summer.。
The development of Dongfeng Bank is diverse,Not only provide various transactions and trading,The tenth floor is even more open as a restaurant.。
The environment of the restaurant is very good,The pattern is exquisite and elegant and no loss of Huang Huang。
After the war is reached by the Wu Wang,In fact, you can don’t have to eat for a long time.。
If it is a Ling Sea,Can further。