Li Jie’s cheeks have become red and swollen.,Five clear finger printed on the face。

He is the captain of the Third Brigade of the Security Company。
He is the semester of Baihua Group Security。 His aunt is Li Yanwen, general manager of the Executive Department。
They have a director behind them.。
I have never been bullied by him.,No one dares him。
But now,The other party not only tightens the thirty security guards,It’s even like a lesson son.。
“It is for you for me.……I……”
Li Jie double-eyed fire,Viciousness,The left hand hidden behind is trembling,Hacker,“I want you……”
at this time,Suddenly came from an angry voice。
When the door is unknown, when did the door?,A group of people in a hurry。
Walking in the forefront is a woman,About 40 years old,Also wearing professional swap,Under a group of people,A powerful gas field。
See her,Wang Jie, who has been watching on the second floor, also turned into a worry,Quickly go down。
Obvious,It is she notifies these people.。
Li Jie, who was originally moving, also tone,Then, the face, Incefussed a grievance and cruel laugh.,Stare at the summer,Low voice,“Hybrid,How can I fight?,You’re dead,Laozi swear,Be sure to let you have a dead!”
“Great。”Summer smile,“I think so too。”
Not finished,I saw a punch in the summer.,Bring a broken sound,Targeting a real bombardment in the chest of Li Jie。
The tear-hearted tragic sound spread throughout the hall。
http://www.jcnuv.cnIn the surrounding gaze,Li Jie has fly half-air。
His body,Like firecrackers,噼噼 噼噼 地 地 地,in a blink,Blue shirt in the upper body,Changes to a broken strip。
This……What is the power??
Everyone stunned,A blank in the mind。
However,Not completed。
Summer sudden electric shot,The following follows,Then, a little fantasy and kicked it up.,狠 他 地 地。
清 地 地 响 响 响,And Li Jie painfully screams.,Water in the wild。
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