For a time,Xia Jian was entangled by this woman and couldn’t have sex,He peeked,Yao Junli didn’t care about this,But carrying a wine glass,Where did you drink with another female boss?。

“I tell you,After you send Mr. Yao back in a while,Came to me secretly,Let’s go to a fun place“President Chen shook his body,Whispered to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian is really eye-opening this time,He really didn’t expect,The woman who is the boss can tell him something like this,Just when he feels he can do it。Hu Huiru came over,She took Xia Jian’s hand with Mr. Chen, who was separated,Said a little displeased:“Manager Chen,Isn’t he going crazy with alcohol?!“
“Where,President Hu hosted this party,I dare to go crazy。But this summer and winter looks too handsome,I just like it“Mr. Chen said with a smile,Converged more than before。
Hu Huiru laughed:“Manager Chen!Looks like you haven’t seen a handsome guy,You dare to say handsome against your will?“Hu Huiru’s voice is extremely low,But Xia Jian still heard clearly。
“Radish eggplant,Each has its own advantages,I just look handsome“Mr. Chen laughed,She didn’t feel embarrassed at all,Such a woman is really rare。
Hu Huiru glanced at Xia Jian standing on the side,Smiled and said to Mr. Chen:“All right!Stop it,You just look at my face,Let her go!“Hu Huiru finished,Pulled Xia Jian back to his seat。
Yao Junli has finished drinking with others,She came over with a cup,Smiled and said to Hu Huiru:“President Hu!We should go back,I will not participate in your next activities“Yao Junli said,Deliberately glanced at Xia Jian。
“It’s alright!Everyone play their own,Are you afraid that Mr. Xia is not happy?“Hu Huiru looked at Xia Jian in disbelief。
Yao Junli whispered:“Not long after he entered society,Very disgusted with these things,I’m afraid he will trouble me when he goes back“Yao Junli just finished speaking,He took Xia Jian and said to leave。
A door out of the box,Yao Junli couldn’t help but let out a long breath。Where is socializing,Jian Zhen is a dark battle without nitrate。
When returning to the hotel,It’s over ten o’clock。Yao Junli made a cup of tea for Xia Jian,A bit modestly:“Sorry!I knew they were like this,I really shouldn’t take you there“
“I feel a bit regretful,I didn’t expect to meet her on this occasion“Xia Jian took a sip of tea,Said worriedly。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“What is she like,I don’t know what my last name is after drinking,It’s just a fox“It seems that Yao Junli did not understand Xia Jian’s meaning。
“Hey!Do you have a holiday with this manager Chen?Why did I hear Hu Huiru say that Mr. Chen will let you go“Xia Jian asked softly。
Yao Junli took a breath and said:“Peers are enemies,Mr. Chen is in the hotel industry,It can be said that it also has a certain share in the provincial capital。I opened this hotel,Not far from her hotel on this road,It’s a bit to steal their business,So she let out,Said to eat me“