"Igniting" and has "interest" beauty and hard core Beiqi Group Beijing Auto Show "Home SHOW"

On September 26th, the 16th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition kicked off. Beiqi Group brings Arcfox, Beijing Automobile, Beijing Off-road, Beiqi Futian, Beijing Mercedes, Beijing Modern Landing Inland E4 Museum.

Arcfoxαt, beijing-x7, bj40 tribute 2020 version of this year’s new products all debut, beijing car 2020 concept car Radiance, Beijing car first plug-in hybrid model beijing-x7phev, bj30, Beiqi Fatian Picka General G9 and other autonomous New car release. Jiang Deyi, Chairman, Chairman of the Boaster Group, deputy secretary of the party committee, general manager Zhang Xiyong, the party committee deputy secretary, Party Committee Standing Committee, Deputy General Manager Cai Changping, Party Committee Standing Committee, Deputy General Manager Jiang Zi Li, Deputy General Manager Yongmao, Deputy General Manager Liao Zhenbo attended the first day of the North Automobile Group.

A large-scale full-screen burning point independent brand strength advanced "Zooming" launched the first day, Arcfox, Beijing Auto, Beiqi Futian, Beijing Mercedes, Beijing Hyundai held a press conference. At the Beijing Motor Conference, Cai Yiping, the Standing Committee and Deputy General Manager of the Beiqi Group, said that the automotive industry is the world’s heavy object, firmly walking the road of independent brands, is the Beiqi Group to make a big, be a strong brand will, Confidence and determination.

In the future, Beiqi will focus on technology, brand, marketing, service, integrate the traditional technology of thick-profiling, China, linkage, in parallel, global customer, global industry chain partners to provide better products and services, create New incremental value.

The Beijing car released Beijing-x7phev and beijingradiance concept car. Beijing-x7phev is the first plunger of the Beijing car, the official guide price is 10,000 yuan, the integrated battery life can reach 1010km, and the speed is only seconds. Beijingradiance is the new flagship concept car of the BEIJING, equipped with L4 automatic driving, with pure electricity to reach 800km.

Beiqi Group high-end new energy brand Arcfox first mass production model ARCFOXαT announced pre-sale price: 250,000 yuan to 330,000 yuan. This car is the world’s first commercially equipped 5G technology car product, the world’s first commercial cargo, the world’s first commercial miles, NEDC endless miles, with a hundred kilometers to accelerate only seconds, and the overall advanced auxiliary driving level reaches the level.

This auto show, Beijing off-road released the first odd series model BJ30 positioned as city SUV, bringing BJ212, 2020 BJ80, 2020 BJ40 City Hunter Edition, BJ40 tribute 2020 version of off-road models.

Beiqi Futian has released a high wide, hard-hard-hard-hard, Futian Picarda, G9. These "tough guys" have formed an Iron and Steel Legion in the Beiqi Group booth, highlighting the "special" color of Beiqi Group brand. A variety of fun lines on the car show direct access to the North Automobile Group in line broadcasting, outdoor display, and the main venue show, the auto show "express" to the audience. The Beijing Auto Show North Automobile Group first used live transportation in the first time, invited Beijing TV station well-known host Chun Ni, held "Chunnai Take you to see Beiqi" live broadcast activities. On September 29th, five activities will be present in the 20th activities, will present the BEIJING car, Beijing off-road, Arcfox, Beijing Hyundai brand boutique model, Chunni will live with the head of the brand.

Ten net red bloggers from the shake, quick-end, and the continuous broadcast, will bring all the days to not intermittently broadcast all day on September 27th, 28th, October 1st, and accompany the audience. Easy to see the auto show. From October 1st to 7th, Beiqi Group will be the most intensive four major business districts in the northwestern part of Beijing, Tongzhou Wanda Plaza, Shijingshan Wanda Plaza, Fengke Wanda Plaza, Chaoyang Joy City to hold outdoor exhibition activities . The event site will exhibit a variety of models of ArcFox, Beijing, Beijing off-road, Beijing Hyundai, and set a wide range of performances, interactions, experience links and rich small gifts. If you participate in the event, you will have the opportunity to get tickets for the auto show, Beijing Yidi Xiaowang family day trip and reservation test drive, book a car purchase, etc. In the past 100 years, Beiqi new journey promotes the high-quality sustainable development of enterprises. In 2020, Beiqi Group has gone throughout 62 brilliant history, and the accumulated output exceeded 30 million, and the "world 500" in the past eight years. As the first annual revenue in Beijing, the city has a state-owned enterprise, the Beiqi Group continues to lead the high-quality development of the capital manufacturing industry, which has played the role of "crimping stone" in the capital economy under the challenge of the epidemic. In the past 100 years, there is no big change, embrace the era of new technology revolution and new industrial change, Beiqi Group is fully focused on independent innovation, deepening reform and strategic transformation, strive to create "high, new, special" industrial structure, accelerate "intelligence Network linkage, "new energy" comprehensive development, will create more than 30 million Beiqi users at home and abroad for more than 30 million Beiqi users at home and abroad for more than 30 million North Air users at home and abroad.